Apple Silicon version

The latest version of eM Client is using 735MB at startup and after 10 mins is using 790MB.

eM Client for MAC hasn’t been out very long in the big scheme of things compared to eM Client for Windows and things take time to develop especially when brand new CPU’s are developed.

I am sure the devs are doing the best they can and will no doubt in time optimize the program for M1.

The Mac version 9 beta, 9.0.213, available in the Release History, is native for both M1 and Intel hardware.

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Thank you @Gary! Just installed it.

Can you keep us updated on the memory usage please.

It started out using around 650MB, 10 minutes later this is what I see in Activity Monitor:

29 refers to threads, 999 to ports. 10734 is just the PID.

To be fair, since it started I have added my CalDAV calendar and CardDav contacts.

I’ll keep an eye on it.

Just an hour later, not doing much with it, and it’s using 1.29GB :frowning: