eM Client acts very unstable on an Apple Silicon MB Air

I am using the new Macbook Air with the Apple Silicon (M1) Processor.

eM Client acts very unstable - especially after resuming the device from stanby.
Often the synchronization does not work after it, so I have to restart eM Client. Additonally when trying to save an attachment the app became unresponsive in nearly 100 percent of all cases and I need to force close eM Client.

Crashlog: https://file.io/UlCun5THGcGV

One user on this forum said he had issues with eM Client crashing after installing Big Sur, but after a reformat and reinstall of the OS, eM Client worked just fine.

As I mentioned, it’s a brand new macbook air.
And eM Client is working fine - excepts after resuming the mba.

As I mentioned, the user said he reformatted and reinstalled the OS. Then it was working just fine.

But maybe not a solution for everyone.