Always enable system tray icon

It would be nice to have a setting which enables you to always show the icon in the system tray, instead of only when the window is minimized.

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Hi, we do not consider this idea at this moment, but it might be worth it to implement. If more users will request this we could think about it more.


I’m sorry, but how hard can it be to implement this feature? Shouldn’t take much time? (I’m a developer myself)
Or is it because I’m not a paying customer?

It should not be hard, but as a programmer you know that there is roadmap for every project and it can’t be altered all the time.

It is simply not major feature or issue to be implemented immediately and also programmer’s time is very expensive so it has to be spent wisely.


I agree. With this and in topic “Enable Double-clicking of Tray Icon” they would be very useful. We used to double click on icons so when we double click, icon goes away and we accidentally click another applications’ icon. Thanks.

Hope this issue could be fixed soon.  Disappearance of the system tray icon is very annoying.

Fixing bugs should always be programmer’s priority.

I would also like the icon not to magically disappear when the window is maximized… ^^’

The thing is that when you maximize the application, the icon moves from the right side task bar, to the open apps left side task bar. Is this not what you are seeing?

Every program I have in the tray area keeps its icon displayed in the tray area when maximized (Outlook, Steam, Discord, Hangouts, Mumble, Teamspeak, all that you want…) and I would expect eM Client to have the same standard behaviour, not doing its own behaviour in its corner, generating a non consistant user experience.

Another problem of this is that the notification indicator… disappears when the window is maximized. There should not be a change in there from a user experience point of view. There is no true reason to remove this icon when the app is maximized. Well at least I think so :slight_smile:

Here you see, there is even a display bug when the icon disappears + it disables the “show desktop area” when clicked ! Full UX fail, no need of all that, huh ?

I don’t have that problem, but them most of the applications I use don’t have icons in the right task bar area, except for service types. I think in the Office Suite, Outlook is the exception. For me, at least, eM Client has the same standard behaviour as the others.

If you setup eM Client so that it is not minimized to the tray, then the new mail notification icon will remain until all the new emails indicated by that icon are read.

Victor, I don’t have that problem as displayed in your gif. Could there be something else like some tweaking software that is interfering?

Indeed when a clock-tweaker software is disabled, the “desktop area” bug is “fixed”. But the “visual bug” remains. There would have none of these if the icon stayed in place haha.

  • “set to minimize to the tray” or not, the icon still disappears when clicked…

I hope an eM Client dev will take this into account and at least let the user the choice to always show the tray icon. This “feature” (or basic behavior) has been first asked for 4 years ago and is still relevant for some users.

Keep offering suggestions and maybe eM Client will read them and include in a future release. At least you can hope.:slight_smile:

eM Client does offer an additional notification icon in the left side task bar when small task bar icons are not selected in Windows settings. Then you will see a new mail icon overlay on the existing eM Client one. Just a cool feature not really related, except that I did notice you are using small icons.

cmon, Em Client, 4 years!

I was about to comment on another thread regarding “Enable Double-clicking of Tray Icon” but realized this is the correct thread.

Many other apps (including Thunderbird) require a double click in the tray to open them, and some provide a context menu if you single click.  As a result, I habitually double click the eM Client icon.

The problem is when eM Client opens it disappears from the tray.  As a result, if you double click it then the first click opens it, the icon disappears, then the second click gets applied to the app next to it.  I’m commonly finding that Skype (for instance) opens whenever I double click the eM Client icon in my task bar.  At first I thought it was a bug, but then I realized it was due to double-clicking.

I believe if you always show the icon in the tray then it would eliminate the problems people are having with double-clicking.

We all agree, except the folks at EM Client. And it is also how Windows programs are supposed to work.

Best practices from Microsoft,, states:

Left double-click

  • Perform the default command on the context menu.  Typically, this displays the primary UI associated with the icon, such as the associated control panel item, property sheet, or program window.
  • If there is no default command, perform the same action as a left single-click.

So basically EM Client is not following best practices.

A workaround is to move the EM icon as far to the left as possible. That way you don’t click the next icon when you accidental doubleclick.

I really don’t understand why they are so stubborn. It is a 5-minute fix to comply with best practices.

As an engineer I know there is no such thing as a 5-minute fix.  First, I’m sure the changes to the code would take more than 5 minutes (I know you didn’t necessarily mean literally 5 minutes but were making a point that it’s most likely a simple change).  But then with any commercial application you must do full regression testing to make sure your change doesn’t break anything else or have unintended consequences.

I’m sure they have a very long list of “5-minute” fixes.  Everyone thinks their fix is the most important.  Let’s not assume these guys don’t care about our concerns.  Overall they built an excellent application.  Let’s just respectfully suggest what improvements we’d like to see and the more people request it the more likely it will be prioritized.

Automated unit tests configured with CI/CD, ftw! I’m sure they have something for that in place.