After getting errors and deleting account cannot re-add account

After i changed to emClient V8 i got errors when synching Caldav/cardav account.
So i deleted the account, but i was suprised, that i cannot re-add this caldav/carddav account because since now not only mail accounts are counted.
As i already have 2 mail accounts in emClient i cannot add e new caldav/carddav account.
I will downgrade to Version 7. I had 2 email accounts and 2 caldav/carddav account synched with emClient.

Does this help?

I offer this: perhaps eM Client changed what counts as an account when it applies to the max accounts in the free version? I can find nothing that supports my thought but may be worth you questioning this via [email protected]

Maybe I can a little extra to @sunriseal input.
Take look here. It seems the restriction that’s affecting you you will be lifted in subsequent updates of version 8.

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Per eMC support…

“Setting up the calendar accounts first or importing them as XML settings should work though. And the setup will be fixed in one of the upcoming updates.”

How can I import a Calendar or CarDAV account as XML settings? How does such a XML file look like?

Wish I could help, but will allow someone else to help you there.

@sunriseal, thanks for your hint. I managed to solve a synchonization problem with one of my accounts (a CalDAV account).

I exported all account settings to a xml-file (File -> Export -> xml file -> selected only accounts and saved passwords). After that I edited the xml file so that only the ‘problem-account’ was available in the file. Next I deleted the ‘problem-account’ in eM Client. Then I imported the xml-file (File -> Import -> xml). Now I got a new (CalDAV) account in eM Client.

With this steps my synchonization problem solved and it was possible to add an extra account on top of the two email-accounts which I already had. Despite of the account policy bug in version 8, build 3385 and before (see this post).

GREAT! Glad I was able to help. Hopefully this will be addressed by eMC in their next version.