Account policy eM Client changed with version 8?!

I am using eM Client for many years with a free license. Up to and including version 7 I used to have 2 email accounts and 2 CalDAV/CardDAV accounts. This was no problem en apparently between the borders of the eM Client’s account policy (max. 2 email-accounts).

Beginning with version 8 I cannot create extra CalDAV/CardDAV accounts on top of my 2 email accounts. I get the error that a free license is restricted to 2 accounts (instead of 2 email-accounts as in version 7 and before) and I cannot create an extra CalDAV/CardDAV account. So I think eM Client has probably narrowed the account policy. I have not found any information about this.

Are there people with the same experience?

I hope that someone from eM Client is willing to help me. Probably I am wrong. Thanks in advance.

I am not really answering your question, but I realized recently that I can have my email and CardDAV/CalDAV within the same account if the provider is the same. I only had to use the automatic account setup instead of configuring the accounts manually and separately.

Maybe this helps…

@ezrider, many thanks for your response and your suggestion!

Unfortunately, my email-accounts and CalDAV and CardDAV account are at different providers.

I have the EXACT same problem…
Only two persons using EM client, in version 7 all was good, version 8 will not allow me to add our google contacts & calendar, no contacts makes EM client useless.
On my desktop I fixed this by copying the “accounts*.*” files from an old version 7 backup into the EM Client folder, but on my laptop when my wife allowed an EM client update ALL accounts were deleted, I tried the same procedure but it didn’t work.
My above fix is giving me enough time to try out other e-mail client software, any suggestions?

Unfortunately I have no suggestions.

Meanwhile I got the following (disappointing) confirmation from eM Client support about the changed account policy: “for Free users in eM Client 8, once you have 2 accounts you will not be able to add more and we no longer make difference between email/calendar/contact/chat accounts”.

Managed to contact EM client about this issue, their response was encouraging…

In the current version of eM Client 8 the account limit is checked at the beginning of the setup, so you cannot create a third account manually even if it’s not for email. This will be changed in the upcoming updates though, as we will make the check at the end of the setup as it was in the past, so you will be able to add the Google Contacts/Calendar account again.

*If this makes the program unusable, then you can downgrade back to an older version in the meantime. *

You can uninstall eM Client 8 and install eM Client 7 again from our Release history -

You might need to rename the database folder too, default is in C:\Users%user%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

Last week I raised the issue about the changed account policy at eM Client support. They promised me to investigate this issue.

This morning I got the following message:

“I have good news for you though - the account policy will be changed back to what it was. The change was originally made because the implementation of how accounts are stored was meant to be different (no difference between all accounts), but upon further inspection, we can still make the distinction between Mail accounts and non-Mail accounts. So we can put the account check back at the end of the setup instead of the beginning. You will need to wait for the next update to be able to set up more accounts though.”

This is an corresponding message. So we have to wait for the next program update.