Adding to the avatar/company logo database

As a customer in Latin America, I am seeing a lot of blank avatar/logos. I am overall quite impressed with eM’s ability to source logos and avatars.

I would like to submit the missing ones for companies only, so they can be added to the databases.

Whom should I email or what page should I visit to provide this information? I can attach the transparent logos.

If eM Client peeps don’t have a global profile logo icon already, you normally create or upload them via Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatars which then are compatiable with eM Client.

Gmail Profile icons are compatiable with eM Client already as well.

eM Client support page on how to change your email account avatar & other useful info.

(How to change my own email account avatar? - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software (

How to change my own email account avatar?

Posted by Olivia Rust on 24 May 2019 15:59
eM Client is able to show avatars for your contacts and can also download avatars from external sources like domain icons and gravatar. But how do you change your own avatar?

This cannot be done directly via eM Client yet, but there are ways to get your avatar updated and connect an image with your email account everywhere.

The easiest way to change your email avatar is via Gravatar -
Just create an account with your email address and upload an image.
eM Client will be able to load this image for your email account.

Lastly in eM Client Contacts you can also open them and change the Contact Image directly as well.

I am not seeing on Gravatar how to upload for an entire domain, not individual emails?

Gravatars are normally only associated to an email account address and not a domain.

The avatar for your domain is the favicon on your website.

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