Adding colleagues calendars to EmClient calendars

Hi guys. New user here.

I run several email addresses on behalf of several businesses. Beneath each calendar profile I would like to see the calendars of two or three of my colleagues at each of the businesses. This has been possible on Outlook.

I already have permissions to see their calendars, as when I go to organise a meeting with them, I can see whether they are busy or not in the availability scheduler, but I do not want to have to click in that every time to see their calendars.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Adding Shared Calendars is normally done (on the Server end) which then will reflect in EM Client.

Eg: If you are wanting to add someone else’s Google Shared Calendar you can add it via and “email address” or “via using a link” via Google Calendar on the Web.

Once you add the Shared Calendars to your Google Calendar online, you then close and re-open EMC and you will see the Shared Calendars appear below yours.

So whatever calendar you use, go to the (web calendar version of it) and add the shared calendar to that for your same account in EMC. Then close and re-open EMC and you should see the shared calendars.

Thank you Cyberzork! This is very helpful, I have now been able to sync the calendars from Google. Strangely, it is not syncing for any of the calendars I use with Microsoft, although I am following the exact same process. Is it slightly different with MS would you know?

@alaiksandr If its an Web based Shared Calendar you can add it to EM Client like this.

1: Go to Outlook and log in.

2: Select the Gear icon (Top Right) on the main toolbar to access Outlook’s settings.

3: On the rollout / pop down menu, select View All Outlook Settings at the bottom right.

4: In the pop-up window, select Calendar on the left and Click the Shared Calendars option on the second column.

5: Under Publish a Calendar at the bottom, click the Down arrow next to Select a Calendar followed by the calendar you want to export.

6: Click the Down arrow next to Select Permissions and choose Can View All Details.

7: Click the Publish button.

8: The calendar is now public. Click the ICS link that appears and select Copy Link on the pop-up menu.

9: Go to Google Calendar and log in.

10: On the left, click the Plus symbol next to Other the bottom left.

11: Select the From URL option on the pop-up menu.

12: Enter/paste the URL copied from Outlook Calendar.

13: Click the Add Calendar button to finish.

Then close and reopen EM Client and go to Calendar in EMC and click the Refresh Button at the top left. The Calendar will pop in / appear shortly usually just below your Google Calendar as in this example below.

Note;- By Default it will normally just be called “Calendar”, but you can “Right Click” on it and "Rename it to eg: Outlook Calendar or whatever you like.


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@alaiksandr Yes there seems to be an issue updating from Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar.

I notice that when i first added the Outlook Calendar feed via url to EMC via the above method, the exiting Outlook Calendar Events appeared in Google Calendar & EMC ok, but adding other (new events) to Outlook Calendar via the web are (Not being pushed or updated) to Google Calendar online or/ EMC.

Could be there is delays when Google update any external other Calendar feeds. Maybe its only at certain times in the day or only once a day Google does this. I will test this out in the next 24hrs.

@alaiksandr I have contacted Google Calendar support who advised (after the initial Outlook calendar) feed add-in via url, it can take up to aprox 12hrs or so to show “New Outlook Feed Calendar events” in Google Calendar which will in-turn update to EMC Calendar.

Apparently this has been an issue with Google Calendar with external Outlook and (other calendar) URL feeds for years and doesn’t appear like this will be fixed anytime soon.

So tomorrow you should start seeing Outlook Calendar events appearing in your Google Calendar / EMC Calendar.

See Google thread on this issue -

[Google Calendar does not sync URL-linked calendars within 12 hours as stated - Calendar Community] (Google Calendar does not sync URL-linked calendars within 12 hours as stated - Calendar Community)

Hi Cyberzork. First of all thank you for all of this help. I am really grateful of your hard work on this. Unfortunatley I have not been able to succeed using your instructions above. I think I might have been unclear in my articulation of what I would like to do. I am trying to add the calendars of my colleagues’ to my eM Client, so they appear under my calendar within the specific email address. Therefore your advice about exporting the URL of a calendar I dont think will work as I don’t think it’s possible the export the URL of a calendar that is not your own? Just to clarify, here is where I am at:

I have been into outlook . com and added the three colleagues whose calendars’ I need into the shared calendars section. So as far as Outlook. com goes, I think I am compete. Strangely, Outlook mail client picks these calendars up without any trouble at all, so I know that they can be shared. When I go into Outlook . com, I can see that the three guys have already been added to my shared calendars.

Now the problem is that whilst they are automatically showing up in Outlook client and outlook online (Screenshot to follow in a seperate message as I am only allowed to post one image per message as I am a new user), they do not show up on my EM Client. Does that make it a little easier to see what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you (again so much) in advance for your time on this topic.


Sorry to barge in like this, but I wanted to offer a comment.

In your eM Client screenshot, the calendars are all listed, so they must be syncing. The reason why you can’t see the events is that the calendars aren’t ticked.

They should look like this:


@alaiksandr Yes as @Gary says in your example, as long as you have your Shared Outlook Calendars (selected ok in EM Client) it should update ok. Hopefully that works / updates soon.

Ps In my case My Outlook Calendar Feed i added via URL into my Google calendar yesterday (still hasn’t updated with any new info after 12hrs) as per the Google forum issue above, so i am now selecting my Outlook Calendar in the suggested URL below as well to see if that will get it to update , after adding it to Google Calendar -

Oh, hang on. That’s not an eM Client screenshot. :blush:

@alaiksandr Hopefully you eventually got your Outlook Colleagues calendar to work / update.

Update on my Outlook Calendar (new events) not showing up in Google Calendar / EM Client Calendar via Outlook URL Feed.

Even after another 12 hours, the Outlook Calendar URL Feed in Google Calendar online / EMC is still not showing new events, (even with doing the optional Google Calendar SyncSelect) as in my prev message above, so this is obviously (an issue at Google) with just not re-synching the Outlook Calendar feed via URL after the inital Sync. I guess its way down the priority list at Google and been an issue for years from the looks of the Google Calendar Forums.

Ps Hopefully down the track that will get fixed at Google which will in turn update EM Client.

@Gary, thank you for coming back to me. I am aware that to see the calendar items, you need to tick the boxes. I thought I had made clear in the preceding message that this screenshot was from the Outlook client. The shared calendars are not showing up in eM Client (see EM Client screenshot below). This is the exact issue that I am trying to solve. @cyberzork when you say “(selected okay in EM Client)” do you mean something more than ticking the boxes? Is there something on the EM client side that I am missing that means that the shared google calendars would show up, but not the shared outlook calendars?

@alaiksandr Sounds like you are ticking the boxes ok in EM Client as you advised, but the Outlook Shared calendars are just not updating for some reason.

For me personally Updating my Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar / EMC Client (is now fixed) after using GAS-ICS Sync installation to my Google account, which automatically syncs Outlook Shared Calendar feeds to Google Calendar by default every 15mins, but you can adjust that settings.

You can add (as many Outlook / Outlook 365 etc Shared URLS) into the GAS-ICS Script.

“GAS-ICS Sync (Program) to Sync Outlook Calendar to Google calendar”.

GitHub - derekantrican/GAS-ICS-Sync: A Google Apps Script for syncing ICS/ICAL files faster than the current Google Calendar speed

GAS-ICS Sync (Files)
File Finder · GitHub

GAS-ICS Script

(Modified example (part of Script below) I used to sync Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar).


  •           SETTINGS


var sourceCalendars = [[ “” , “[email protected]” ]];

[“icsUrl1”, “[email protected]”]

var howFrequent = 15; // What interval (minutes) to run this script on to check for new events
var onlyFutureEvents = false; // If you turn this to “true”, past events will not be synced (this will also removed past events from the target calendar if removeEventsFromCalendar is true)
var addEventsToCalendar = true; // If you turn this to “false”, you can check the log (View > Logs) to make sure your events are being read correctly before turning this on
var modifyExistingEvents = true; // If you turn this to “false”, any event in the feed that was modified after being added to the calendar will not update
var removeEventsFromCalendar = true; // If you turn this to “true”, any event created by the script that is not found in the feed will be removed.
var addAlerts = true; // Whether to add the ics/ical alerts as notifications on the Google Calendar events, this will override the standard reminders specified by the target calendar.
var addOrganizerToTitle = false; // Whether to prefix the event name with the event organiser for further clarity
var descriptionAsTitles = false; // Whether to use the ics/ical descriptions as titles (true) or to use the normal titles as titles (false)
var addCalToTitle = false; // Whether to add the source calendar to title
var addAttendees = false; // Whether to add the attendee list. If true, duplicate events will be automatically added to the attendees’ calendar.
var defaultAllDayReminder = -1; // Default reminder for all day events in minutes before the day of the event (-1 = no reminder, the value has to be between 0 and 40320)
// See CalAPI v3 does not support default reminders for all day events · Issue #75 · derekantrican/GAS-ICS-Sync · GitHub for why this is neccessary.
var addTasks = false;

var emailSummary = false; // Will email you when an event is added/modified/removed to your calendar
var email = “”; // OPTIONAL: If “emailSummary” is set to true or you want to receive update notifications, you will need to provide your email address




Yes, sorry for my mistake. I already commented on it. :wink:

@alaiksandr did you ever get this figured out? I am currently in the same situation. In Outlook and in Outlook on the web, I can see my team’s calendars just fine. However there doesn’t seem to be any ability to add them in eMClient at all. I have tried the showing public folders but I get an error message that no public folders exist on the server. I have no ability when I expand my work account calendar to tick any boxes next to my team to see their calendars.

Anyone figure this out yet?

Nope. I totally gave up on it and use Windows Mail instead. Shame!

Well that is extremely disappointing as this thread was over 2yrs old. I love this client and really want to stick with it as I can’t stand Outlook or Windows Mail. It has to be an eMClient issue since it works with all the other clients.

If you are still monitoring this thread support, would love to hear what you have on this at this stage?

It really depends what server you and your colleagues are using, and if you are using the same server.

If it is Exchange or IceWarp they can delegate the calendar to you, choosing what permissions you have on it.

Other providers may have different ways of sharing calendars. Google for example have a sharing option and you can very easily share a calendar with another Google user. It will then automatically appear in their own calendar.

If they just want to share a read-only calendar with you, most providers have an option to give a URL which you can add in eM Client as an Internet Calendar.

There are lots of options.

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Yes I get this part. So we have all of our employee’s calendars set at the Office365 level to be shared out to all other employee’s in our firm. They don’t need to give anyone access as we have already done this at the company level.

So in Outlook, I just search for any employee and I can click their box and make their calendar visible. Same for Outlook on the web. All of this works perfectly fine there.

Now in eMClient, I am unable to search for an employee’s calendar and it does NOT show up under my calendar in eMClient. I don’t know if all of us are just doing something wrong here (seems unlikely) or if maybe this is another issue with how Office365 server works such as the issue with recurring tasks?