Event update (i.e. new date/time) does not update in Calendar


If I am invited to an event and the invitation owner changes the date or time, I get the invite change in my email but when accepting it, it does not change the event to the new date/time in Calendar.

It happens in all updates I get (so not linked to any particular source, calendar system, etc…)

Is this a known defect? Any idea if it can be resolved soon?


What kind of email/calendar provider are you using? Gmail, outlook, CalDav?

I am using EmClient calendar.
People sending the invites, typically use Microsoft Outlook.

Hi, I know you’re checking your email/calendar in the eM client application, but which company is providing your email address? What’s your email domain? (the part of your email after the @ sign). If you wanted to check your email online in browser, where would you go?

My email account is [email protected]

My calendar syncs with my gmail account [email protected]

So are you receiving these event invitations and updates to your [email protected] account?

To solve this you will first need to start taking calendar logs

Go to Menu > Settings > Advanced > Logging and click the box to enable Google Calendar logging for the affected account
Close eM Client and then restart it.
Replicate the issue you’re experiencing (receive and accept an event invite, and then accept and receive an event update)
Then go back to Menu > Settings > Advanced > Logging
At the top of this window, there will be the logging directory which you can copy/paste into the file explorer to find the location of the log files.
Look for the most recent log files that mention Google Calendar
Put those files here for evaluation.

Hi Hope,

I guess these are the files you want to evaluate?
Please download them from here…

I kindly ask you to erase them please after investigation as they might contain personal data under European regulations.


Re: Synching eg: Outlook calendar events to Google calendars in eM Client normally envolves adding a shared remote calendar.

By default though when you add other parties shared eg: Outlook calendar to eM Client Google Calendar, it can take 12-24 hours to show any Outlook calendar changes in eM Client.

This is not a fault of eM Client, and its just that Google doesn’t realtime pickup shared calendar changes from Outlook. Shared Outlook calendar event changes can take 12-24hrs to update in eM Client Google calendar. So not ideal.

So from my own experience with Shared Outlook calendars synching to Google calendars in eM Client, you also need to run "GAS-ICS-SYNC (on your Google drive acct), and modify the script. The script is not easy, but you can get help from the author via “Discord” chat program. Once you have the script up and running, you will get Outlook shared calendar event changes synched to eM Client Google Calendar within 15mins.

See also this thread - Adding colleagues calendars to EmClient calendars

Hi Cyberzork, I don’t think your answer links to my request for assistance above. I have no issue whatsoever the first time I receive an event from a third party. It nicely sets itself in the emClient calendar. The issue is when the person who sent it changes the date/time. In this case I receive an update email which I accept but the event in the EmClient Calendar does not move to the new slot.

To automatically move / adjust the event date in eM Client Google Calendar (when the Outlook Event organizer changes it (eM Client won’t normally do that) “via you clicking a new adjusted event email” from the organizer. Only Outlook Calendar to Outlook Calendar normally works like that from my own experience. I suspect that would have to be programmed by eM Client devs to manually update / move the exiting Google Calendar event to the new date / time etc.

Normally to get eM Client Google calendar to move / adjust to the updated date / time, the Outlook event organizer updates their Calendar date / time to a new adjusted date / time and then eM Client Google Calendar will update / move the event usually within 12-24hrs “via the Outlook Shared calendar” you add into eM Client.

However as i advised if you can optionally use the GAS-ICS-Sync script in your Google Drive then the Outlook event changes will update within 15mins if the event organizer changes the date / time etc.

So i would suggest to ask the Outlook event organized for a Shared calendar link if possible to avoid having to manually add Outlook Calendar events for future.

Thanks Cyberzork,

As for your advice here, “…So i would suggest to ask the Outlook event organized for a Shared calendar link if possible to avoid having to manually add Outlook Calendar events for future.” unfortunately this is not possible as the Outlook owners are clients from multiple organizations with their own policies…

My Google Calendar gets updated immediately (literally seconds) after I enter an emClient calendar event (and viceversa). So I do not see a need for the script.

I think emClient should recognize the “modified” event sent. In fact the email format does as it underscores the old date/time and shows the new one, asking for accept/provisional/reject… The issue is that it does not erase the old (which indeed happens when an old event is deleted by the organizer) and places the new in the updated slot.

I hope emClient looks at this missed functionality as a bug and resolves it as part of future updates.

I am having the exact same problem. Got an invite for a meeting for today. All good, shows up immediately in eM Client. Meeting changed to tomorrow. Accept the change, not reflected in eM Client or Google Calendar that it is linked to.

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Update to this issue. Accepted event time change now shows in eM Client calendar, but does not sync with Google Calendar.

Does not seem to be an overall sync issue because on same event I updated the reminder time in eM Client and that gets reflected in Google Calendar.

This is for a recurring meeting that I am invited to.

Opened invitation directly in gmail. Updated calendar as expected. Why does it not work from eM Client?