Zoom Meetings

Curious if there’s a way to integrate Zoom Meetings w/ eM Client so that you can schedule/start meetings directly from your eM calendar.



Second on this request. It’s the only thing keeping me from using EM for all my needs.


Also need to add Webex to this; ability to schedule a webex like I can from Outlook would be very helpful.

I too would like that

Me too

Re: Scheduling Zoom meetings in EM Client. 

Can you not just create a new event in the calendar as normal, and then put the Zoom Meeting URL in the Schedule “Location” field / line & “Body of email” similar to how Outlook does it ?

You could. You could also write a letter, put a stamp on it, and mail it at the post office. We’re talking integration here!!

Outlook has a Zoom add-in so you can schedule and add Zoom details directly through the Outlook invite. No need to work in 2 separate apps.


Oh ok I see. Yes integration then would be good.

+1 for Zoom integration, will buy Pro version if required. 

Any updates on that? This is the one thing that prevents me from moving away from Outlook

I would also like to add my voice to that request

+1 for Zoom integration!

+1 for Zoom integration!

+1 for Zoom integration!

I’d love to see a way of an integration, where you could choose the video conference provider and then it would create a link for that. I know Zoom is right now the most used service, but I’d love to choose, if I want to have Zoom, Jitsi, Teams, EyesOn, 8x8 Meet or whatever integration. You could maybe do it by having an option for choosing your video conference in the settings (for Jitsi it would be helpful to also have a field to enter your custom Jitsi instance URL) and then, if necessary, login to your video conferencing service and then you could add URL’s for meetings in your calendar. It would be more flexible then just integrating Zoom.

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Hello, we are preparing something like that for upcoming version 8.2 (approximately February).


I see this has been release for Windows. What is the ETA for Mac.

Hi, I second this. Any news on this feature being added to the mac version please?

The 8.2 Mac version is still in beta. If you would like to test it, it was announced recently on this forum: