Yahoo email Inbox Not Completing Sync

Hi guys,

Since updating eMClient to the previous v9.2.1628 I’ve noticed that Yahoo email never completes synchronization. I updated eMClient again once I learned of v9.2.1713 … Hoping this would contain a fix, but it’s no different.
In eMClients left accounts panel the Yahoo account continuously shows the spinning wait circle. I also have my Operations box permanently showing… and this also always ends up indicating the seemingly stuck Yahoo account…Even after many hours.
[email protected] (IMAP)
Syncronizing folder ‘/Inbox’

I have 6 other none Yahoo email accounts and those all work fine.

I’ve tried putting ‘’ (with port 993) in the server setting, but that made no difference.

I’ve also tried deleting the Yahoo account and reinstating it, but after seemingly completing the sync bar (as all emails seem correct)… it still just sits there… syncing away.

Any Ideas please?

Many Thanks

Hi - I am having the same problem with my Yahoo account! Was wondering if anyone could suggest a solution?


Have a look at my post here, it may improve this for you regardless of whether there are attachments or not: Very Slow Download of Video Attachments - #7 by Gary