Wrong dates are shown to old messages

Applies to the latest emClient 6.

On old messages in my IMAP archive (before 15-05-2009), the actual message date is not shown in the message list, they all display the same date.

After clicking on a message, the correct date is shown in the message window, but in the list it is still showing the wrong date for all messages.

Somehow this only happens to messages older than 15-5-2009, newer messages succesfully show their date in the message list.

I already provided Jan with example messages (one correctly shown message, one wrongly shown). By the way, the resolution as provided here: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to… did not apply).

Overall, I’m happy with emClient.

Hi, emails are received and forwarded.


I’m having the same issue (although, it appears it is also happening to some emails as recent as March of 2014) and it doesn’t appear to happen to all folders. Is there a resolution for this?

Hi Bill, what mail service are you using? Have these emails been imported from some other mail client?

Thank you,

I currently testing the emClient as an alternative to Thunderbird and I have the same problem. All mails in the list before 2 May 2007 have the same date. In the email the correct date is displayed. I use IMAP to access my emails.

Is there a solution for this bug now?


Hi Björn, just as I asked previously, have you imported these emails into eM Client or have they been synchronized using your IMAP server?
What version of eM client are you currently using and what mail service are you using?

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Hi Paul,
on my first computer I have imported these emails, on my second device I have synchronized the emails. The problem is the same.
It is the current version of the emClient, downloaded a couple of days ago.
My email service is a German service, called all-inkl.com.
In Thunderbird or Outlook 2013 it’s the date of the messages correct.


Hi again, sorry for my belated reply, there’s a difference between the two dates you have highlighted in the screenshot. The date shown in the list is a date when the message was received by the server and the one displayed in the message is date when the message was sent from the mail application.

That’s why these dates are not identical with other client (since they are showing a different date).However since you were importing these events it’s possible the server date got corrupted, are you able to replicate this issue when importing more emails?

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Hi Paul,

“The date shown in the list is a date when the message was received by the server and the one displayed in the message is date when the message was sent from the mail application.”

No, this can not be. Unless I got receive many emails of the past three years on 02/05/2007, see the new screenshot… :wink:
Maybe I misunderstood you?

All other clients (Thunderbird, Outlook, roundcoube) show the date correctly.
Also in the source code of the email on the server the correct date is also displayed, as well as in the emClient if I let display the source code.(see the screenshot)

I have deleted the accounts in emClient and Thunderbird, then recreated and resynchronized. In Thunderbird the dates are correct, in emClient unfortunately not.


Hi again, maybe I did not explain properly. What I was trying to say is the ‘2007’ date is a date that the email was received by the server you’re using, however just as I noted, while importing message it might have got corrupted, this might be an issue of the application, but I’d like to know if this occurs every time you import a message to your new IMAP server/account.

The date displayed in the message’ source and in the header of the email ‘2004’ is the date when the message was sent by the sender, e.g. should be a correct date.
Just as I explained previously other email clients may display a different type of date in the list or even in the header, as you can see in the message’s source, the message get’s assigned several.

But once again noting, that the date shown in the list and in the message should not be the same even if correctly imported, at least it’s not the same type of date.

Hope this clears it,

Hi Paul,

I think now I understand it.

I sent myself a message (14:32 clock). Then I have saved the message and imported this at 15:02. The result you can see in the screenshot. I have added the “sent” date to the columns.
But why the import date is displayed by the emClient and not the date of receipt, which is also in the source code of the email?


Hi again, it’s not an import date, it’s the date when it was received by the server, this is for some people a key part for taking messages in account, sometimes people need to know each of these dates, I can’t really speak for the exact use cases for this, but we believe it is important to have the server received date included.

Hope this helps,

Okay, then this is a specialty of emClient and unlike the other Clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook.
How can I display the date of receipt in the columns, which is in the source code of the email?

Unfortunately, there’s no option in the application to adjust this setting, one of our users here on the forum suggested a change in a database file, but I don’t recommend any changes to the database files.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul, I test the emClient as a alternate for Outlook and Thunderbird for my colleagues. Unfortunately, it’s not a option to change the database file.

But just I see, that one can search for the receive date with “received-before: 01.06.2007” or with “before: 01.06.2007”. With “received-before” you get all entries with the receive date of the server, with “before” you get all entries with received date of the messages.

Perhaps one could extend the columns configuration list with a entry for the received date of the messages? So the user can decide which date should be displayed in the list.

Hi again, unfortunately this is not possible in eM Client, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.

Thank you,

I too had an issue of “wrong” dates (or more correctly ‘server received dates’) on old messages. A bunch of my older inbox messages had the same dates. (I’ll skip the story of how I think that came to be.) From my yahoo mail web interface I can see the received dates are the same, however, the email client I used for most of 2015 displayed and sorted emails by the actual e-mail dates, so I never noticed the issue.

I decided this year to try switching e-mail clients and I’m just a couple days into trying eM … however, it sorts the emails by the server received date. After much searching on the web I found that you can use Thunderbird to resolve the issue. See the last couple posts/paragraphs on these web pages:

In my case I setup Thunderbird in IMAP mode. (I also configured it to download the full message contents, though I don’t know if this is necessary and it could possibly take a long time if you have a lot of messages.) I created a local folder in Thunderbird. I moved the messages with the “wrong” dates to the local folder. With my web browser I verified that they disappeared from my yahoo Inbox. Then I moved the messages from the local folder back to the Inbox. Thunderbird syncs with the server and the messages reappear in the Inbox with the message dates! I did this process in small chunks of 10 to 15 messages, since I wanted to limit it to a reasonable amount I could check manually each time and I only had to do it for 50 or so messages, but I guess it can possibly work for much larger amounts at a time.

I initially came to this forum thread when I was looking for a solution, so I thought I would post my solution here. So now I’m back to giving eM a proper try!


Since nobody has replied in my thread in two months (https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/wrong-date-exporting-to-eml?rfm=1&topic_submit=true) and my problem is related, I’ll copy and paste my text here.

After importing my PST file into eM Client, I exported all my messages to EML files, and I’ve noticed that some dates have been changed and, therefore, are wrong. For example, I received a particular message on 01-09-2004 (this date is correctly displayed on eM Client), and now the EML file shows a different date: 10-11-2006. I don’t know if the dates of all my EML are wrong, but there’s a huge amount of messages displaying the same wrong date: 10-11-2006.

I’ve tested it on Em Client 7.1 and I get the same result.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello eMClient Support, when will you release the feature of showing the original time and date stamp from the eMail header instead of time and date when eMail is downloaded from the eMail server?

What happens when you sort the messages by Sent rather than Received? 

But saying that, my messages always show the date and time in the header. What version of eM Client are you using Stefan?