Wrong dates are shown to old messages

This will not fix the issue. If you read through the post and other posts this is a common “problem” from eM Client especially when migrating from another eMail client. I am using the latest version 7.1.33101.0

Ah! You didn’t say that this was caused by migrating from another email client.

I import .mbox files into eM Client every week, and they are still sorted by the date in the message header and not the date I imported them. If this is a POP3 account, maybe try exporting the messages from the other email client, then importing them into eM Client. See if there is any difference. 

If this is an IMAP account, remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. Adding the account yourself is a much cleaner way that importing an IMAP account from another email client.

Thanks for your prompt support. I read in another post that it is possible to fix the issue by downloading the eMails into Thunderbird and then importing Thunderbird to eM Client. So the existing eMails on the POP3 server wil have correct date and time. However for all new incoming messages into eMail client there is always a difference between the date and time shown in the eMail overview and the date and time in the eMail header. This is a known issue of eM Client for years. I do hope the programmers will add the feature soon that I can select which time and date is shown in the eMail overview (received or eMail header). I do not understand why the programmers do not want to add this feature for years now…

I do not see this date difference with my POP3 server, so It could be different behavior depending on the server, and different email clients interpret that differently. 

If you have a Pro License, opening a support ticket with eM Client will ensure that this issue can be addressed.

But if you would like to send me an example of one of these messages,  I would be very interested so see this behavior as I cannot reproduce it myself. Right-click on the message and choose Forward > Forward as attachment. This will ensure the complete header is there.

See the post from Björn 4 years ago. This is exactly how it looks like on my em Client too. httpsd2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnets3_images1104274RackMultipart20141001-15585-7gdq34-emClientjpg1412146325

How does it look when you change the sort order to Sent?