Wikipedia Email Client Comparison Page

Hi, (Migrating from WLM)

Are all the details regarding EM Client up-to-date on that page? Do any of the team perform regular checks on it?

Items of interest were the IMAP search, and something from WLM, Junk filtering (local). In WLM, I found it difficult to tell exactly how much of the junk was moved by the local process. Over the years, random posts from long time subscriptions would end up in junk, and even new posters on the local community forum would get junked unceremoniously.
In actual fact, got so used to it, can’t live without it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also WLM had “safe sender lists” or whitelists (see Whitelists: Move messages out of Junk - Feature request) to guard against messages being junked, which prove invaluable in the case of new posters on the local community echo, it’s true even the server spambot can get things wrong with regular posters, but that usually relates to email address changes.