Whitelists (Move messages out of Junk)

This is another bump for previous similar feature requests.
It really boils down to a rule that if the sender is whitelisted, the basic functionality of the feature is that the message will not go to junk, irrespective of whether the server has marked it as junk. This, I believe was a feature used way back in Spampal, and has since flowed on through to other major email clients. In WLM it equates to the Safe Senders List in Security options.
Some servers can be notorious for aggressive spam traps, see Chris’s comment from way back, and it gets to be a hassle for owners of more than one email account to be continually going back to the server web interfaces to update new addresses as they pop up, rather than just add on a right click.
As a matter of interest, It doesn’t appear that EM Client ports over any blacklist, or Blocked Sender List items either, which isn’t so important, as it is hardly used by this user these days- the “bounce blocked message back to sender” might appeal to some, but is never very good etiquette. In any case, EM Client’s own blacklisting method covers most bases.

Spam filtering is usually controlled by your ISP which then flows / mirrors to your local mail client if you are using eg: IMAP or Exchange type mailboxes.

You will need to disable the junk / spam filtering on your ISP mailbox to then allow the whitelist to work 100%. Some mail servers allow you to disable spam / junk mail filtering via eg: mailbox rules or settings options. Some don’t.

You would need to contact your ISP for help on that, as mail clients like eM Client cannot over ride that if its enabled at your mailbox end. The only thing eM Client can do is set rules locally for your inbox.

It was suggested by another ISP thread:
to adjust spam filtering settings at outlook.. It has provision for blacklist like EM Client, there’s also whitelist or “Safe Senders and Domains”.
That whitelist happens to be a subset of the whitelist in WLM- might indeed be the original imported list from Outlook Express- or something else- who knows?
Apologies for not being terribly illuminated about all this, the ISP to whom I have posted a related question on their forums seems to have a setup very similar to Outlook. I suspect the reality is their own internal spambot has no client interface- (at least to yer regular Joe type of customer such as yours truly :stuck_out_tongue: )
The whitelist is there as a buffer to spambot error- something unexpected in the character stream. In the odd occasion, circulars from organizations- or even emails from friends land in junk for whatever reason- mostly attributable to the way the mass spambot is set. I usually refer to the headers of the items in the junk folder before expunging them, but in the case of emptying a junk folder without checking for an important item, a whitelist is a stopgap measure that allows us the enormous privilege of one thing less to worry about.
If not part of the core engine, or policy of EM Client, is it possible to allow an extension/mod/add-on that does it instead, particularly for those who are unable to negotiate their ISP mail server settings?

+1 to this. I’m amazed emClient - which is otherwise well featured - doesn’t have a whitelist feature. Every other email client I have used does. Mail from know good sources is often erroneously marked as spam, and it sort of defeats the point of a junk folder if you have no controls for it.
Many clients sensibly auto whitelist everyone in your contacts list.