Why does it take forever to move or copy messages to local folders?

I have a Sky (now Yahoo) e-mail account, which I was accessing via Outlook - until told this client was no longer supported. I have therefore spent some time setting up my eM Client by importing my .pst file from Outlook, then setting up local folders and transferring my ‘archived’ mails across.

Now, whenever a new mail comes in that I want to keep, I attempt to move it to one of my local folders but this never happens; all I get is the message:

‘This operation may take a while to complete. Please be patient.’

Unfortunately, the operation never completes, and I have to ‘end task’ on eM Client in order to open it again a receive more mails!

HELP please?

Go to Menu > Tools > Operations and see if there is some error listed in the Log tab.

[IMAP] Unable to download message “…” in folder “sent”. ([UNAVAILABLE] UID FETCH Server error while fetching messages) at 00:15

I have seen this on another forum before with Yahoo! accounts. As far as I remember it is just a temporary server issue, but you should contact them as it it not an application issue.

Thanks Gary. Hope you’re right

I don’t think the server is the problem. I am still using the Outlook client (until I have eM Client working) and this has no problems synchronising emails and downloading content. My eM Client still hasn’t downloaded the message headers of today’s emails, let alone the content. Any other ideas?

I think that eM Client is not as forgiving with misconfigured servers as some other email clients. :wink:

One thing you can check is that eM Client is using the same settings as MS Outlook. In eM Client you can change them in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then click on the IMAP tab. Depending on the port that was in use in MS Outlook, select the same in eM Client. The security policy is specific to the port and these are named differently to MS Outlook. In eM Client they are:

Port 993 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
Port 143 = Use SSL/TLS if available

Another thing you might want to check is your anti-virus/firewall application. Maybe disable that and see if there is any difference.

I’ve checked these: Outlook is set up as follows: POP3: 995 and SMTP: 465
I’m now using IMAP:993 and SMTP: 465
I’ve tried all combinations but other settings result in errors.
I’ve checked that ‘email and accounts’ is allowed to communicate through the Windows Defender Firewall.

No further forward!

Well, here’s the thing: POP3 usually downloads then deletes messages from the server. So if one email client using POP3 downloads new messages, then any other client using IMAP or POP3 will not have any messages to download.

If more than one email client is connecting to the same same mailbox, they should both be using IMAP. They could be setup using POP3 if the POP3 settings allow to leave messages on the server after download, but POP3 is not meant to be used with more than 1 email client or device.

Agreed, my Outlook client is set up to leave messages on the server, so I’m also  able to download them to eM Client. However, time taken to download messages is significant, and it’s impossible to move or copy them to my local folders.

I’ve now moved the entire contents of ‘Local Folders’ to ‘Filing’ within my account, and it is now possible to easily and quickly move messages into these folders for posterity. I don’t therefore understand the purpose of ‘Local Folders’, which I have now ‘collapsed’.

Local Folders (and other local folders like POP3 accounts) are folders that contain messages that are only stored on your computer. They are not on the server. Folders within the account setup as IMAP contain messages that are stored on the server, just like a webmail interface.

It may be that there was some corruption with the database, and moving the messages has bypassed that.

Thanks Gary,

Not sure that I totally understand: If these folders are stored on the server, why can’t I see any of the messages stored in them on my phone? I can see the folders - but they are all empty.

What if you use the web interface for your email account? Can you see the messages in those folders?

If you can see them in eM Client, and in the webmail page, then there could be an issue with the phone setup.

No, I can’t see the messages in these folders when using the web interface.

Is it possible you have moved them to a local folder and not an IMAP folder?

What version of eM Client are you using Chris?

I don’t know. Here are the folders containing hundreds of archived messages… I’m using version 7.2.38715.0

These folders (Home, Sailing, Walking,  etc) are all on the server. The folders must be visible on the server otherwise eM Client would not be displaying them.

The only time they would not be on the server is if this account is setup in eM Client as POP3. To check that go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the Sky account. It should have an IMAP and SMTP tab for them to be on the server, or a POP3 and SMTP tab for them to be stored only on your computer.

Thank you Garry.  You are quite right, I can see these folders when I access my Yahoo account on line. However, although I can see the folders using the Mail client on my I-phone, they are all empty. Can you suggest what I’m doing wrong on my mobile?

In the Release History, a newer version of eM Client, 7.2.38732, lists a fix for invalid UIDVALIDITY issues (Yahoo accounts).

Can you upgrade to that version and see if there is any difference.