Why does control-arrow jump two words instead of one in mail editing ?

I have never used an editor that did that and I started with Wordstar. What’s the deal with that, and can it be changed? Corollary question: is development frozen on this great product?

I tried that Joe, and Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow advances a single word at a time, and Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow advances a single paragraph at a time. Seems normal to me.

That sounds like you think I imagined it.  A crappy response, as opposed to, “where did this happen exactly?” I will pin it down for you.

Sure, more information will be useful.

I just tested it with 7.1.32792 and also with 7.1.31849 on clean installations of Windows 10 1709. In both instances it worked exactly as expected. On my laptop using an unreleased version of eM Client on Windows 10 1803, it also worked exactly as I described above.

It sounds like an unusual problem.
2 things came to mind;
Is it possible your auto-repeat delay is short enough that the OS is interpreting your single arrow action as a double?
Does the content contain a non-displayable character that looks like a space, but connects the words as a single word from eM Client’s perspective?

I filled a new email up with several paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum and tested the navigation, but could see no anomalous behaviour in the insertion point navigation.

I was thinking maybe something like a text expander that has some auto complete or macro defined could do the same sort of thing. Maybe even a Windows tweaker, but I doubt it is an eM Client issue. I even put a version 6 on my test machine this morning and checked it both on Windows 10 and Windows 8, but I can’t reproduce the problem.

I wonder Joe, if the same behavior is there in other applications on your computer?

Thanks. This Win 7 is pretty vanilla. No expanders. My autorepeat hasn’t bugged me for a long time. I have a text editor where that would show up, and it is obvious when that happens anyway. This was a clear jump past sentence end, and it happened on a few different occasions. But if I catch it again I will more carefully note the conditions. Maybe it was calendar, not email? I’ll note here when Insee it again.

I have experienced this issue at times as well. It seems to happen only when I reply to certain emails. My working hypothesis is that it depends on some HTML formatting of the email that ends up confusing eM Client. It is quite annoying, but luckily it does not happen too often. It might be useful to look at the source of the email and see if there is anything strange.

Good thought. I will keep an eye out.

I just had the problem again and noticed something interesting. After I sent the email that was giving me trouble, I tried to replicate the problem by replying to the same email I was replying to earlier, and this time around Ctrl+Left/Right were working properly. So perhaps it’s a random glitch. Or it might be related to a specific sequence of keystrokes and possibly mouse clicks. But definitely it is not due to the content of the email.

Same here. I had opened a popup notifier and replied to it. It had a graphic, HTML. But repeating the steps it did not do it. Maybe because the app was untouched in the background?

The resting task may be a clue. Walked up to PC this morning, opened EMC and hit Ctrl-N to make a new mail. It double-jumped words. That is twice now.

At the risk of upsetting you Joe, I tried this and could not reproduce it. 

I took a fresh install of Windows 10 1803 and installed eM Client. I then hibernated the computer with eM Client open. After restart I started a new message using Ctrl+N and typed a paragraph. Ctrl + arrow worked as expected in both directions. I then closed all applications restarted the computer and tried again. I get the same result; it worked as expected. I then tried it with replies to messages, and I still get the same expected behavior.

I think that the problem might originate from some other application or drivers running on your computer. What you can try is to restart Windows in Safe Mode and see if you can reproduce the problem.

I appreciate the effort, but you didn’t reproduce my suggestion. That is not upsetting. I find dismissing my observation upsetting. Very different. Troubleshooting is an iterative process.

I am not thinking hibernation, since my PC hibernates or sleeps. I mean sitting in the background for a period time, perhaps hours. If this had ever happened in another app in the last thirty years, I might think OS but this smells like app. to me

On my test machines I don’t leave eM Client open in the background for an extended period. However, on my laptop, eM Client is running all day, and sometimes it may be open the whole day in the background without my using it. It is often a couple of weeks before Windows and eM Client are restarted. Under those conditions, I have not experienced this problem.

I also doubt it is Windows, though if it is, Microsoft stopped providing fixes for Windows 7 more than 3 years back. So if there are issues with more recent application releases, there is not much you can do. If it is not Windows itself, then you can look at what applications, drivers, or utilities are running when you do experience this.

Your test machine is Win 10/64? This is Win 7/32, and yes, with good reason. Last word, I have no utilities besides Cloud, and just a Logitech keyboard driver which I think rock solid. It is not a repeat issue, because it is not repeating, and that never seems to happen just once. It can hardly be outside the app, since it only manifests in the app, prersisting in one window while a new window does not.

I can confirm this behavior on my machine (Win 10/64), but I cannot find proper dependencies yet when it happens. I will try to dig into his more to provide more information.
I’m a heavy keyboard navigation user, and it actually annoys me pretty much. Yet, according to the replys here, it seems to occur rarely only.

I confirm this. It did to me like mentioned sometimes after long program session , days or even weeks of running with sleep&wake cycle. Restarting (close & open) program restore proper behaviour.
Windows 10 Pro x64.

I see that nobody in this thread has mentioned what version of eM Client they are using. The current version is 7.1.32792. If you are not using that, can you download it from http://www.emclient.com/release-history and see if there is any difference?

I’m using 7.1.31849.0

According to the update service (menu » help » check for updates) this is the latest version.

If eM Client s.r.o. wants me to update, they should advise me in their software feature to do so. As long as they don’t, I consider the other versions not stable.