White List Issue

I have eM Client 6.0.23181.0. I want to add email addresses to the email white list, but when I go to the white list via Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy, I see the list, but I do not have access to the list?

It would be nice, as you have intimated, to be able to access the “White List” and add addresses to it. To date I guess you cannot do that; all you can do in Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy>Show White List is click on the red X to delete an address. One thing that I have found, however, is, when you first receive an email, if you click on “Always download pictures from this sender”, the address is added to the White List.

Perhaps you already knew that. If not, maybe this will help until the next version of eM Client hopefully addresses this issue.

After verification, actually, so when receiving of a mail is valid “Always show…” The address is displayed in the white list.
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Hello what Norman said about this feature is true, you should be able to populate the whitelist by using the “Always download pictures from this sender” option, unfortunately it is not possible to manually add a selected address, but you can clear it using the red X or by using the clear whitelist option.

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Is this on the development board for future update? It’s odd that you cannot add an address to the whitelist. Sometimes an important email goes to the junk folder. So, I am checking that folder to see what I’ve missed in the inbox. Thanks. 

Dear Paul,
I would like to ask you how to click on the “Always download pictures from this sender” in a case, when this sender does not send any picture in his e-mails (ever)???
Shall I ask him to add one picture to a dummy e-mail for me be able to add his address to the whitelist???


You will simply add an “ADD to whitelist” button to eMClient???

Surely you need to ADD the option to ‘add to white list’ both from the email received (assuming you do receive one) AND on contacts.  Seems pointless having a white list if you don’t have an option to add to it.  I’ve been asked to add one from a financial company because their password changes are not getting through to me - apparently being rejected but I have not blocked them.

The only whitelist in eM Client is that which affects what external content is displayed in already received messages.

If emails are not arriving in your Inbox, then you need to look to your email provider and see if they have a whitelist. If it is being rejected at the server, then no email client is ever going to be able to receive it.

YES an “add to whitelist” button!!!

Agreed. Not sure why you’re so reluctant to include this standard feature. A white list is so much easier than dealing with work-arounds at the moment. I still have Facebook receipts going to Junk and no way to stop it.

Because the message is being moved by your server, not eM Client, it is already in the Junk folder when eM Client connects to the server. Your best solution is to tackle the issue at the source, by creating a whitelist in the webmail interface for that provider.

For security reasons, we do not allow Rules to interact with the Junk folder.

Kia ora Gary,
I don’t understand how it’s arriving in eM as a Junk file- which is what you seem to be asserting.
How does eM work that’s different to, say Outlook which does utilise a black and white address list system- and which millions of users will be familiar with?

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m saying I don’t believe you’re explaining it clearly. I need to know what to go back to my email service provider with.

Nga mihi nui,

If your email provider has determined the message to be spam, it will be in the server spam folder. The server spam folder is synced to eM Client as the Junk folder. Just a difference in names, but the same thing.

So, what you need to do in the webmail interface is go to the spam folder, select the message, and mark it as not spam. Thereafter the server will not move it to spam, and it will appear in the Inbox in eM Client.

I still don’t understand. I know where my Spam Management dashboard is online- I check it for wrongly quarantined items regularly- but this particular email is not being stopped there (obviously) but making it through as far as eM Client. So there’s no way to “mark it as not spam”…

In eM Client, go to Menu > Rules and untick ALL Rules.

Now there is no way eM Client can move messages.

If this is still happening, then it is your server that is doing it, or maybe even another device connected to the same account.

I’ll say it again- I have no rules set up or ticked…

Response to this from Discount Domains:
If you are using a POP account, then your email client will download and remove the emails from the server and save it on your local computer which is why it is not showing on the webmail anymore. That is the normal mail activity of a POP Account. You can read more details about how POP works online or on some online forums.

If you want the emails to retain or save on Webmail, then you will need to choose the option that says “leave a copy of the emails on the server”. You can ask for assistance from your email client provider or support on how to do this. Or you might need to re-configure your email and set it up as IMAP so whatever emails you get on Webmail will also synchronize on your email client and vice versa.

Please note: Should you decide to re-setup your email as IMAP, make sure to back up all of your emails and folders as they might disappear after your re-setup your email. Once you re-setup your email, you will have to import back your backups on your email client

So again, I don’t see how THEY are pushing these Facebook emails into my eM Junk folder.

Then it is the server that is moving the messages to the spam folder.

If you do not want the server to move the message to spam, login to their webmail interface, select the message in the spam folder and mark it as not spam. Thereafter the server will no longer move messages from that sender to the spam folder and it will remain in the Inbox.

And I’ll see THIS again,
If they were they would not reach eM Client.

So you are using POP3?