White List Issue

Yes I am.
I prefer to have emails coming separately to phone and desktop.

Then the only way a message can be moved to Junk, is if you have a Rule setup to do that.

The Spam filter Rule will look for messages marked as spam by your server, and move them to Junk. A Blacklist Rule will look for messages that you have manually specified either the address or domain is junk. Or any other Rule that you have manually created to move messages to that folder.

If you have no Rules enabled, as you previously said, then there is no way eM Client can move the messages. Please re-check that.

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Right. I see. I never set those rules up so didn’t realise that’s what you meant. OK. So if I switch off the Spam filter rule the emails should come though? But then all other spam will come through. I’ll go back to the server and find out how to whitelist it there.

Not necessarily. The Spam filter Rule looks for messages that are marked as spam by the server, but not moved by the server to the spam folder.

So if the server marked it as spam, but left it in the Inbox, eM Client’s Spam filter Rule can move it. Or if the Spam filter Rule is disabled, it will appear in the Inbox.

But if the server marked it as spam and moved it to the spam folder, POP3 won’t download the message at all, as it is not in the Inbox.

jueves 07 octubre 2021 :: 1433hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Steve_King

Obviously I have no idea how much spam or wrongly identified as spam emails you receive, however, if it is a serious problem for you perhaps you should consider running a program that specifically deals with the issue of Blacklist, Friends List (Whitelist) email spam filtering. We run such a program and I cannot tell you exactly how many so called spam emails we have received in the last, for example 5 years, however, it might just be in double figures. We run MWES Sever on our mail server and it covers approximately 250+/-, however, there is a version, Mailwasher Pro, that you can run locally that works well for individuals. You can download a free trial here:

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