Where are Notes on emails stored?

Kinda nice being able to add notes to emails i v9. :nerd_face: :clap:
But where/how are they stored?
Are they synced somehow?
Visible to other clients somehow? :thinking: :sweat_smile:

See the eM Client Quick Notes support blog on how it works.

Quick notes in search results? - Mail - eM Client

Also see eM Client forum thread below

Sync email notes - Mail - eM Client

@Gary post from the above thread.

It doesn’t sync through IMAP. It does through EWS though, so if you have the same account setup as Exchange on two devices using eM Client, the notes on the messages will sync.

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Ah, but only the notes on messages stored in the Exchange account(s), I guess.(?) :sweat_smile: Or will it sync/store all notes/tags using whatever Exchange account it finds? :sunglasses: :money_mouth_face:
(I have only one Exchange account, and many IMAP accounts.)