Quick notes in search results?

Hello everybody,

There is a new feature in V.9 called Quick notes.
Is there a possibility to include this into the searching function?

It would really make sense, since there are quite a few kryptic Mails you might want to just give a note with a short explanation what they are related to, or i.e. what you paid for or to which topic or search words the Mail belongs to. Later on, when it becomes necessary to look for certain contents or words it would be very convenient, if you would also find these mails, which have the search contents in their notices.

Cheers, Marcus

See eM Client V9 Pro as to what Quick Notes are all about.

Quick notes for eM Client emails (Pro) version.

“Add a note to an email without making any changes to the message itself”.

eM Client blog for new features in V9.


Video extract as to how Quick Notes works.

I created a quick note with a specific word, and then did a search for that word in that folder, and it didn’t show up in the search results. So I agree, it would be nice if the “Quick Notes” were included as part of the search index, so that when you do a search for key terms, it will search the quick notes you have attached to emails. Hopefully the eM Client developers consider this in a future update.

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