What is raw download?


Can someone explain me why there is “Enable raw download” option?
What is the difference between it and “Automatically download all messages” with “Full messages with attachments”? Is it not the same?

It is a different way of getting the data from the server.

By default we use chunk downloading, as it is more reliable, but some servers do not have it correctly implemented. For those servers, you can enable this option in version 10. I don’t recommend enabling it unless you are having issues.

In previous versions it needed to be enabled manually as described here: Very Slow Download of Video Attachments - #7 by Gary

My problem is that in eM Client 9 my filters never reports any problem with messages not fully downloaded. Now in eM Client 10 it starts. And I always have option enabled to download whole message with full attachments.

For any issues while testing the version 10 beta, please send your comments to [email protected]

I already did it.
But I just want to ask if this option can help.

@Gary Would it be possible to implement an information right beside the raw download setting? Like an :grey_question: icon which shows information when (not) to select raw download once you either click on hoover on it.
Just an idea! :slight_smile: