Was invited to trial eM Client Pro

So I accepted to trial eM Client. Downloaded the app and added my various accounts to receive and send emails.
Been a week and I can’t receive email nor send any.
I can only receive one email from eM Client itself.

There is no interface with the account set up. And when I wanted to ask for help, since I was trialing who it will be to be a Professional account, I tried getting help as one. Nope doesn’t work.
So here I am. IS eM Client worth the effort of running around trying to set it up?

After my download, I filled in every email I needed to be set up with but now it keeps saying I have no account set up.

What to do please?

Click on “Menu / Accounts” and see if there is an account already setup.

In reply to your other question I explained, with pictures, how to get to the account setup.

@AmandaTomasoa Did you eventually find an account in there ? or did you have to set it up as new.