View EmClient notes on Android

I’m sure the answer is already here somewhere but I don’t think I’d know the answer if I saw it.

However someone can make it easy for me to understand.

I can see my EmClient calendar and email on my android device but I don’t know how to see notes saved in EmClient.

How do I do it?

As there is no eM Client app as far as i know, you normally can only view Notes via a browser on a computer or with a separate app.

eg: I currently use the Gmail app with my Gmail account in eM Client and can view (as you said) email, and calendar, and use “Google Keep app” separately to view my personal Google Notes.

I have seen mention in some EMC threads talk of a down the track possible eM Client app which then you maybe able to view Notes in the app if that is programmed down the track.

See this thread on a Mobile App - Mobile alternatives - Mail - eM Client

I’ve used aCalendar+tasks for years. I really prefer it’s calendar because it scrolls up and down instead of left and right. Scrolling between months left and right is awkward for me. However it doesn’t read notes as best I can figure. I may try Google Notes to see if I can use it. On my phone I also use K-9 mail which meets my needs. Thanks for the response

eM Client’s Notes feature syncs with Office 365, Exchange and IceWarp Notes. It does not sync with any other service.

Or are you asking about notes attached to events?