View "Conversations" for some accounts/folders but not others?

I fear the answer will be “sorry, not at this time” but I’m asking here after searching many other places.

I have multiple email accounts (some of which are straight IMAP and others are Exchange, with sub-mailboxes, shared mailboxes, etc.)

I personally do not tend to ever view my messages in “conversation” view, but (for reasons I won’t get into here) it would be advantageous to do so in just one of my folders (a shared Exchange mailbox)

I see how under Menu --> View --> Conversations there’s the option to change how messages are displayed, but this seems to be a totally global setting. Is there any way of displaying just one specific account (or, even better, just one particular folder) with Conversations enabled?

You are correct, conversations are globally on or off, but when on, they only include messages from the same account. That means a message in account 1 will not be included in a conversation in account 2.

Conversations probably wouldn’t work with just one folder, as on the most basic level they include both sent and received messages.

any chance of a feature in future for Conversations to be turned on/off at least based on account? I realize that could be a rather big ask.

I changed this thread to a Feature Request. Maybe the developers will notice it and add it to the list of things to be considered.

Solid. There are definitely cases where I am now realizing I appreciated Thunderbird’s ability to do this so very much. I would keep maybe 90% or more of all my folders with a view showing all individual messages in a list, but for a few announcement lists of which I am a part (which are high-volume and which I’d often only check once a day or once every other day) and which I had a filter rule to sort into their own sub-folder… I am now recalling that I kept those sub-folders displaying by conversation in order to make things easier there.