Very Slow on Send

This slow sending SMTP problem is strange as that part in eM Client hasn’t changed as far as I know and only newer features added in newer eM Client versions of the years.

I can personally say using the latest eM Client V9.0.1708 for (Windows 10 & 11) & V9.0.1717 for Mac (Monterey) with latest OS patches, sending via Gmail SMTP servers, Microsoft SMTP servers & my local ISP SMTP servers eM Client V9 sends really quick for me and my bro “even with many attachments” to multiple recipients with no issues at all.

We run stock Windows & Mac and no optional antivirus, firewalls / security programs or VPNs etc. Just what comes with the OS’s built-in.

So I am thinking this slow sending must be either eg: OS related problem somewhere, or some locally installed software related issue causing it, or the SMTP server you are using as @skybat mentioned which might be possible slowing the email sending speed on whatever connection you have.

Even when I used V8 I had no issues with the (same three) SMTP servers sending speed.

We use 3 networked wifi desktop computers connected to one main wifi / router which has a 50mbps Fibre to the Curb connection. It has a 10mbps upload speed when sending mail.


Running windows 7

I see you mentioned you are running Windows 7 and V9. That could be your issue with eM Client as that older OS isn’t really designed for eM Client V9 where some features “also don’t work” correctly due to the MS OS doesn’t have the support any longer as well as MS OS security patches etc.

You really need to be looking (if you can) at upgrading your OS to at least minimum Windows 10 build (21H2) patch for eM Client V9.

Win10 still also has Microsoft security & updates support till Oct 2025.

Ps If you are going to stick to Windows 7, then suggest to run eM Client V8 till you upgrade.

You can get the latest V8 just updated 30th May from the version history page.

If you want to go back for now to eM Client V8 see the following eM Client support page.

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I would be curious to know if the others in this thread that are experiencing the problem are also in windows 7.

thank you for the input.

miércoles 08 junio 2022 :: 1418hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @TomFromFL

I have seen from @cyberzork and more important you that you are on Win7
and want to know of perhaps others, we have to wait to see.
I have arranged two of our interns to setup Win 7 and run tests to identify
any possible issues, although I agree with @cyberzork OS comments.

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Hi Skybat,

thank you - that is a great - I was curious about the people in this thread that are experiencing the same issue though.

I don’t discount that there could be some third party software or the OS causing issues.

thank you again

I’m still having this problem.

Some facts:

  • This wasn’t happening in emClient 8 – it started when I upgraded to emClient 9.
  • Nothing else was changed when I upgraded emClient (that I’m aware of).
  • Everyone reporting the problem here is using emClient 9, not earlier (I believe).
  • I’m running Windows 11 (up to date) on a very fast custom-built system.
  • emClient is the latest version.
  • This happens with whether anti-virus and firewall are enabled or disabled – no difference.
  • This happens even with a single short email, no pictures, text only (html). Even with a test email with no body.
  • Clearing the emClient logs made no difference.
  • This happens with three different email accounts on two different smtp servers:
  • As a comparison, my wife uses MS Outlook (desktop) for her personal and business email. Same SMTP servers (different accounts). She doesn’t experience these delays.

These facts really seem to indicate that the issue is directly related to emClient 9 itself, and probably not third-party software or the environment.

I love emClient and really support them (I switched our company over so everyone is using emClient). Just a bit frustrated.

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Having these same issues only since the emclient update. I’m on Windows 10 on a vert fast laptop that is zippy in all other programs.

Follow-up: My Pro-trial ended, and since I am back to the unpaid version my email is sending as quickly as usual. ???

Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in here.


Lag of anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds after pressing send on any email, getting progressively worse with time. These are simple text emails with nothing larger than an invoice attached, almost exclusively sent to single email boxes.


eMclient - Latest verion 9 - Free
Desktop - Windows 10 Pro i5 (fully patched/updated)with 64gb RAM Samsung 950 Gen 4 NAND HDD
Antivirus: Havent had one installed on my computer since 1997 - they are a placebo at best.
Internet - Standard 100mbit cable connection
SMTP: Office 365 server
Me: IT professional with 20 years experience aka the problem isnt my PC.

System has been slowing down since the May 5th upgrade to .1717
This does not happen with the official Outlook client, nor any web based mail clients.
None of the fixes listed above last more than a day or two.
This is not a local side issue.

I think its time to stop blaming peoples setups like @skybat seemed to infer. There are enough reports here that the company should consider their product is at fault.

There are a few different issues being discussed here, but what happens when you disable the Recipients History?

viernes 17 junio 2022 :: 0839hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @fanatic26

Your email post is here - is away to Montreal, home Tuesday
will answer then if necessary.
Sorry I have English no so good

¡Saludos desde Sevilla la soleada en España!

skybat (su esposa)

Hablo español, luego portugués e inglés, con conocimiento de varios otros idiomas.

Same issue here,emClient version 9.0.1708: whenever i send an email it freezes for about 20 seconds

Did you disable the Recipients History?

Thanks Gary, I disabled ther Recipients History as you suggested and now it works. :wink:

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I have similar situation. Sending takes 5-10 seconds regardless of size/format/recipients. Sending from my gmail to my rackspace mail and vice versa, similar delays. I disabled ‘recipients history’ per Gary and it sends instantly. Must be some bug.

Hallo @fanatic26

I am reed your posting that is not good with comment on antivirus with experience you say 20 years.
I have to say with my work partners that maybe you have 1 year with experience follow the next 19 year to do the same action with nothing new to add.
It is not a good action with no antivirus you can contaminate other people.

martes 21 junio 2022 :: 0939hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @fanatic26

First I apologize if I am not clear in what I say, English is not my first language but I try.

1./ I do not understand: Samsung 950 Gen 4 NAND HDD, is this correct?
2./ You say 100mbit connection, is this ‘bits’ ‘bits/sec’, ‘bytes’ or ‘mbps’?
3./ No anti-virus, I am shocked: how do you know your system is NOT infected?
4./ Is it your 20 year experience that confirms your system is clean?
5./ Malware/Virus/Trojan can slow down a system.
6./ I do not agree with your opinion concerning anti-virus and I suspect other user will think the same.
IT professional with 20 years experience aka the problem isn’t my PC.(aka - also known as) doesn’t
make sense.
I think a ‘non sequitur’ would be a polite attitude assessment.
Maybe @tmax makes a good comment about experience, personally I have no idea and can not comment
on this one way or the other, but I do agree about anti-virus.
You state that ‘There are enough reports here that the company should consider their product is at fault’,
of course you are entitled to an opinion.
I have no idea how many issue reports there are here, do you?
But, what I do definitely believe is that there are very many more satisfied users who do not report their
satisfaction on the Forum than there are users with issues for whatever reason.
My opinion is, when I do not have access to eMC records, that the balance of probability suggests that the
issue is NOT with eMC.

¡Saludos desde Sevilla la soleada en España!


Hablo español, luego portugués e inglés, con conocimiento de varios otros idiomas.

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this seems to correct the problem for me - it is a little odd though. If the sending is running slow and I turn this setting off, the speed is immediately improved. I can then enable that setting again and the speed remains fine for a little while. I have tested this twice now and will do so again.

OK so an update I’m seeing a 5-10 second delay in sending regardless of the size or content of the email. I have tried the various suggestions IE: turning off Recipient history, checking if internet security products are affecting it, clearing logs etc. And nothing has made any difference. I do note that unlike some of you mine does not seem to be getting any worse, just this consistent 5-10 second delay. Not a showstopper for me, but obviously annoying!

eMc ver 9.0.1708 Paid for - Running on I5 PC and laptops both exhibit the same issue

Hi, I have just set up EM client. Had outlook before. The time lag in sending emails is frustrating…normally 5-10 seconds. I find if I have several attachments, the email takes up to 30 seconds to go into the outbox.
I have since followed the advice given above of disabling recipients history, and it is so far much better. if it gets worse again, i will let you know. I hope that helps.