Very Slow on Send

There is a long lag after I hit send on a composed email - approximately 15-30 seconds after hitting Send where the screen is frozen until the email closes and I am back in the Inbox.

This happens on emails with no images, attachments, etc although it can get even longer if there is an attachment…

Either way the lag/responsiveness seems pretty poor?


There is a long lag after I hit send on a composed email - approximately 15-30 seconds after hitting Send where the screen is frozen until the email closes and I am back in the Inbox. This happens on emails with no images, attachments,

If you are getting long delays when sending email even with just plain text and no images or attachments etc on a recent new version eM Client installation, then it usually means something is delaying or interfering with eM Client in the background on your computer.

Common programs that can delay or interfere with mail clients are eg: Optional Antivirus email scanning programs, Optional Firewall / Security, programs, VPN’s etc. So if you have anything like that installed extra other than what came with your OS then try completely disabling those programs to test and reboot to see if eM Client then sends ok.

Also check you have the latest version of eM Client via the version history page for Windows or Mac.

Failing that, suggest to try also resetting your internet router or wifi router as maybe there is a slow uploading SMTP server issue with your internet connection atm, and resetting internet routers and or any switches etc along the way can sometimes fix those issues as well.

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I dont know if this gives any clues but I do notice that the lag is greater when replying to an email thread than it is when sending a new email…?

also I will double check whether possibly in the email history there are logos in the signature or something like that, but even if there are its a very long lag compared to any other email I have used. Are there settings I should check?

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I am having the same problem.

Restarting the computer however “fixes” the issue for about 2 or 3 days – then it slowly get’s worse and worse until the delay is unbearable and I need to restart again.

Restarting the application does nothing for me. I will try and spend some time to dig a little further - glad to see I am not alone though.

( running the latest v9 )

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dont know if this will help you, but here is something that seems to have helped me (not sure why…?)

When I emailed support I was having this issue they asked me to send them a log. In order to do that they said I first needed to clear old logs from the system so that I could create a new one and they can see what might be causing the lag.

The first step was Menu > Settings > Advanced and then click “Clear Logs” button.

Once I did this, the lags I was experiencing seemed to go away. May come back again, but for the first 24 hours or so, this has fixed my lag…

Same here with ne newest version for Windows on Windows 11!

I appreciate the input, I did the same. Honestly I figured the issue has something to do with logging – but I have turned off all the diagnostics logs I had on and the problem persisted.

For a while I thought my ssd was going bad - but the problem seems localized to emclient and only after 4 or 5 days – and then it get’s worse and worse until I am forced to restart.

nope – still a thing – actually – I restarted Friday the 29th – the machine say all weekend with no activity - and by Monday it was already starting to show signs of a delay. this morning it is worse – by tomorrow it will be unusable.

so since the latest v9 update – the problem is gone – if it comes back in a couple of days I will update - how about you guys?

–update – it has started again – same behavior

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shameless self bump –

is this happening to anyone still? cause it is still happening to me

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mine has started to slow down again as well

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Hi I don’t seem to get the frozen screen but I have noticed that the message stay in the outbox for a lot longer. Is this all possibly related to the new ‘undo send’ feature?

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Can you try something please.

Go to Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose and untick the Recipients History option.

Click Save & Close and send a message.

What is the result?

Hi Gary,

Tried that made no difference


Having the same issue on one of our systems. Was going to uninstall/reinstall but chose the Repair option instead. That made it better for a few days but now it’s slow again.

Same issue for me. Current version. Logs have been cleared. During the pause there’s no noticeable extra activity with the Memory, SSD’s, or Network, but two CPU Cores do spike quite a bit. Disabling my anti-virus made no difference.

Same issue on slow sending, always at least 5 seconds, often more…and this started the minute i installed the eMclient trial update a few weeks ago.

how do i get back to my previous version? or will that fix itself when the 30-day free trial ends?

lunes 06 junio 2022 :: 2032hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey Todos

I have read all posts, they all have something in common…
Not one post names the SMTP server being used
And the speed at which they connect
Also if they are sending a single or multiple messages
The size of the message, with or without attachment
Or the capability of their system
Perhaps it is easier to blame eMC than it is to investigate other local issues.

I frequently send batches of 10 messages & more with no delay with or without VPN in use
Investigate your own systems.
I use a dedicated SMTP service (authsmtp) it never fails
Average direct connection at 866.19 Mbps
Average VPN connection at 498.22 Mbps
I use a combination of POP3 & IMAP
One thing I do NOT do is to go anywhere near GMAIL/GOOGLE

¡Buena suerte!

¡Saludos desde la soleada Valencia en España!


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I have been having this issue for the past couple of weeks, I’ve ended up buying a new laptop as I tried all sorts to fix it - I’m wondering if it was linked to a windows update? not sure but all I can say is that em client is now working fine on the new laptop. Still has the same problem on the old laptop. Takes ages to send each and every email, regardless of how big or small the email is, even a test email i send to myself takes ages to reply to and looks as if its going to crash when the email is being sent.

I’m using emails on both 1and 1 and rackspace and gmail, so I have different mail servers but it doesn’t matter which email account I’m using I get the same issue.

My system is good tech, as I work for an ecommerce company so my laptops are both core i7 with 16GB memory etc.

Anyway I was due an upgrade on my laptop so not the end of the world, but I’m sure there must be a fix out there somewhere


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I have this problem across multiple smtp servers - my company, my personal, google, all of them.

I have the same issue regardless of the size of the email or the number of recipients

i7-6700k / 64GB of ram / 1TB nvme ssd - running windows 7

this problem only started after the general release of v9 - pretty sure it was not present during the pre-release builds.