Version 8 STILL cannot handle Apple Mail

It’s amazing that I first brought this up SIX years ago [ Apple mail - When will you address this? ] and many, many others have complained, and yet there’s still no solution.

In fact, it’s worse in this version. Prior versions saved anything that came after a break in Apple mail (such as a signature) as a *.txt or *.html attachment and they could be viewed.

Now it’s a corrupted *.bin file (I say corrupted because I wasn’t able to open it with any archive application).

Nice work!

Usually these things are determined by your server.

Can you setup an account on another server and receive the messages there. See if there is any difference.

If you’d like I’d be happy to direct you to the thread on this. Has nothing to do with the server. The problem is complex, and I’ve provided examples in several of my early posts. I’d given up on the issue, but thought that V 8 might have addressed it. Thanks.

I see now that the previous support forum no longer exists. I’d saved responses to the various threads on this there, and when I went to the links they were, of course, gone.

Disappointment on top of disappointment.

Yes, the forum moved, but all the previous posts are still here.

My apologies. This is an issue with messages sent from Apple Mail. Can you send the same message from another email client and see if eM Client receives it correctly.

I’ve been dealing with this for seven years, and I’ve posted and sent to the tech team dozens of samples. Many others have done the same. If you’re very serious about looking into this I’ll post examples of what I’m talking about, but this is a very well known issue, and the tech team is extremely aware of it.

Look at the link in my original mail. A tech named Paul answered that they know about it but can’t fix it. I’ve been told I should “write to Apple and get them to change their mail application”. Seriously. There isn’t another mail client (except possibly Outlook) that has this problem.

I’m grateful, but I wasn’t seeking your help in finding a solution, I was just lamenting the fact that the developers of the application had just given up. Thanks again.

Yeah, since I commented I remembered something about this on a Thunderbird forum. From what I can remember the problem is definitely with Apple Mail. That was demonstrated and confirmed by the Mozilla techs and enthusiasts, and comes from Apple Mail not using a standard format for sending messages. This causes problems for everyone, not just eM Client users.

The solution is to fix the cause, not put a band-aid on the symptom.

Me personally, or you just don’t want a solution? :wink:

Well, I’d love a solution, but didn’t want to lay it on you, personally. I’ve been back and forth with eM Client tech on this so much, and gotten such disappointing replies, that yes, I was venting, for sure. Thank you for listening!

I agree, and I understand the dynamic of the issue. And I’m absoLUTEly not a fan of Apple or its ways. But this all began when I made the switch to eM Client 7 years ago. Then, as now, there are a bunch of email clients that have somehow found a way to work around Apple’s bad practice. While I agree with the sentiment that Apple should change, we know it won’t, and that leaves people like me, who deal with a lot of Apple users, in a mess. I’ve stuck, loyally, with eM Client, and it’s very valuable to me. But this is a practical problem I face every day. And now it is simply worse than before, which is dismaying. I won’t give up hope, however. Thanks again.

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I’m not really a fan of Apple’s practices myself, but damn, Apple Mail is a nice email client. :wink:

By the way… I’m not trying to be combative, I promise, and I really don’t want to spend a ton of time on this.

But let’s put to rest here and now the idea that “this causes problems for everyone” It doesn’t. In fact I know of only two mail clients for certain (I could be wrong) that have this problem: Outlook and eM Client.

I keep an OLD version of Thunderbird (52.3.0) on my computers for this purpose. Look at the two screen shots of the SAME MAIL. Speaks for itself.

In my opinion, this is something eM Client should make some effort to deal with. There are other stupid, careless problems that, if I have the time, I will point out. Little, niggling things that could be easily fixed (like simply alphabetizing menu choices - sheesh). But I think eM Client is either overworked or understaffed, and I feel sorry, but still frustrated, about that.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Yep agree with Gary, its the custom non standard Apple Mail sending format that is the issue and it happens with other mail clients too. Apple need to standardize their mail system but they won’t. As long as it works with (their mail program) they are happy. Bit like USB-C they were going to change to standardize with everyone else in the planet, but decided to stick to non standard lightning. Stupid.

Respect, but I honestly don’t see any other mail clients struggling with this.

Both Evolution and Geary have this issue with Apple Mail generated messages.

I think it may have been about 3 years back when this same discussion was taking place on the Thunderbird lists. So certainly pre-52 (which is not so OLD; not even 2 yet).

I hear you. I’m not going to make a huge issue of this. I was taken aback by the lack of improvement, but I’ve used eM Client exclusively for the past 7 years because it generally works for me. I’m certainly not going to lose sleep over this now. Thanks for your consideration.