Apple mail - When will you address this?

I’m aware that there is at least one other thread on the failure of eM Client to render mail from Apple computers properly. I, myself, have been pushing the issue for months. But it’s becoming awfully hard to deal with, way beyond the point of annoyance. You can deny that Apple exists, but in certain communities it’s a standard, and I receive so much mail like this. Those three “unnamed attachments” on the left are PARTS OF THE BODY OF THE MAIL. I haven’t the time to make screen shots but any ordinary mail client renders these parts of the mail inline, within the body. Do you see how the mail ends abruptly, without a sign off or signature? That’s not the way the mail ends. It goes on in great detail, which I have to piece together BY OPENING “UNNAMED ATTACHMENTS” IN A WEB BROWSER. Sorry, this is still on your side to fix. Thanks.

Hi David, thank you for reporting this, again, we are aware of this issue, but as I previously mentioned under other topics related to this issue, this issue is based in Apple Mail not in eM Client, as Apple Mail is using old formatting for the emails that cause the emails displayed like this, the issue can be seen in other email clients as well, which again points out to the fact that the issue is not held within eM Client.

Believe me that we are not denying the existence of Apple Mail, we’re completely aware of it’s existence as well as of existence of this issue, we’d love to improve the handling to this, but simply have not found a way to do so (yet), just as others have not either.

Thank you for understanding,