Using Groups - cannot see name when composing email

So in previous emclient versions, if you had a personal group (let’s say: ACME)
and you typed:
AC in the “to” field, it would auto-complete (or preview/whatever you want to call it) and show:
Then when you selected that, you’d see: ACME (in the to field) with a little plus sign

Now, with version: 8.1.979 (65fd04a)
you only see like the first 2 letters in the preview (AC) followed by all the names of the people in the group

Which, if you have similarly named groups (ACBD, ACDE, ACFG, etc.) all you see is a bunch of “AC…” and can’t tell which one is which.

Not sure how to post screenshots here, but it’s definitely a change somewhere.

I commented about this same issue in another thread:

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Thank you very much. I have Pro License, so I’ll raise a ticket.

That is no longer necessary as it has been fixed for the upcoming 8.2 release.

Thanks for the info.