Using free version, everyday I need to reactivate

Sometimes it just simply asks me to click reactivate, somedays if ask me to activate from scratch, then I have to exit and start it up again.

Is this intended as a nag screen? or a bug?
I use it on two computers.

Do I understand you correctly in that you are using the same activation code for both computers?

Yes, that seems to be a problem,
so I activated using my second email address on the other computer, both use the same “main” email address on account1 but this should still fix it.

You are using the same activation key for both?
I believe each computer must have a unique activation key… but this is not in my wheel house… perhaps another volunteer will jump in on this to validate

Check this out…

Yes, you need a separate Free License for each computer.

Reactivating this, as I have the same problem.
How do you get a separate free license for each computer, if you are using both of them to access the same email account?

You can register a new Free license here.

You can only register one Free license per email address, so you will need to use a different email address to register the second one. The email address the license is registered to has no connection with what email addresses you setup in eM Client. Note that Free licenses are for personal home use only.

Thanks for making it clear.
No worries, I’m only using eMClient for personal mail.