using em Client on two computers

I would like to use em Client on two computers. Do I need two licences?

Yes, eM Client license is meant to be used on one computer only.

That is unfortunate. I have two computers that I do email on, with hotmail for giving out to commercial sites, ordering, etc., and gmail for personal email. I would hate to give up eM and go back to Outlook, but maybe I will have to.

More specifically, license allows software to reside on one computer, ONE LAPTOP.

OK, maybe it will work, but it keeps telling me to reinstall the license…


one license - one activation, exactly like it is written in our Term and even in that screenshot you have put here.

If you will try to use one license per multiple computers it will cause problems.



truth is that we allow install licences per computer only but on the other hand, we provide significant amount discounts. Please visit this page: and use our Price calculator to find more.
If you have any questions regarding the price model, please contact our Sales department at

I am rather curious about how you allow one activation, but allow the application to reside on a desktop and laptop at the same time. At the moment I don’t have this situation, but I may in future.


Unfortunately screenshot you have sent me is not from us, but from our re-seller.

You have to buy pro/make free license per one device, so it is exactly like one device - one license.


EDIT: we are currently working on resolving this issue with them.

Yes, I would say that considering this offer, from your reseller, is posted on your Facebook page, people will expect it to be honored. Thanks.


we are not responsible for our reseller’s mistakes. Anyway it has been now resolved so they should show this offer like it should be.

with regards

Couldn’t you charge a small sum for a 2nd ‘free’ account?  Say $15. I have a laptop and a desktop.

Just register a second Free License using another email address. Most people have more than one.

There is no connection between the email address used to register the license and the email account setup in eM Client, so any address will work.

That seems like a really unnecessary complication for people who have one email address.  I’m looking up this information for a friend who’s a not computer literate, and he uses EMClient to access an IMAP account hosted by his UK based ISP (BT).  He wants it across two computers.  The conclusion is that, if he wants to use his single email address free licence across two computers, he needs to apply for a second free licence, and to do so, he needs to open a new email account (with google or outlook) account, it seems, even though he has no intention of ever using that account for correspondence.

I suppose we shouldn’t grumble too much at a commercial enterprise offering a free product to home users, but colour me distinctly unimpressed.

On the other hand, there is no better advertisement for EMClient than the rubbish Windows Mail app!!

Most people have more than one email address, so it is not really an issue. Sometimes there is also the misunderstanding that the address used to register the license should be the address they use in eM Client. That is not the case.

The following solution will work:

Register a second Free License using any old rubbish email address. Just make one up. Try The activation key will be displayed immediately on the screen, so who cares where the registration email is sent to. :wink:

Understood.  Seems like a faff, but understood.  Not looking for clarification, but offering a little constructive criticism.

If you don’t like the conditions of the license agreement accepted when registering, don’t register. Rather find another application that offers the same or more, that would color you impressed.

Gary, his constructive, friendly, critism is valid. Don’t ask people to go away if you don’t even work for the company.

Yes, he can say whatever he wants, and so can I.

But if he doesn’t like the conditions of the license agreement, then why waste time with something that he is not impressed with. Surely there are other applications that would be more to his liking?

Let me reiterate - polite, constructive criticism.  Take it or don’t.  All this on behalf of a friend.  I don’t care.  I prefer the layout of EMClient to any other email client.  I prefer the ethos behind open source software.  BUT, and this is important, I am not looking to start an argument with anyone, or get anyone’s back up, and I’m sorry if I have.  I was just looking to make my pal’s life easier.  Take it easy, and have an otherwise awesome day.

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