User is authenticated but not connected

[IMAP] A well-known Microsoft Exchange server error: “User is authenticated but not connected.”

New and more often for two days. Only EM-Client Error! No other Mailclient have this error!

It is a free Microsoft Mailadress “

This error means that the authentication process for your account was successful, but for some reason the mail server is not giving eM Client access to the account data, so it cannot synchronize your messages into the app. Unfortunately, this is not something we can resolve from our side, it needs to be resolved from the side of the mail server that actually contains all your data. Reach out to your admin or provider of the email account so they can fix the issue.

It seem to be a EM Client Error, because Outlook on other PC and Fairmail on Cell Phone have no error?

It is a known Exchange server error. Please ask your email provider to fix it.

OK, Gary, I have seen that my MS Mail Account was setup in Mail and New Outlook… Maybe this multi Connections were the problem. So i have delete the Mail Accounts in Mail and New Outlook and delete New Outlook. So i will test this for a while.

Sorry, but error is temporary up there. It is very annoying, MS returned no MS fault, please contact the Mail App producer… So please test EM-Client for this fault. 2 days nothing, then error is up, 3 days nothing…error is up. No other Mailclient has this fault.

Yes, that is correct. It is not a permanent error. It is a know server error and shows up from time to time with users connecting to Microsoft servers using all applications, not just eM Client.


If you do a web search, you will see users of all email applications have reported this server error with Microsoft servers.

You will need to ask Microsoft to fix it.

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