Upgrade to v9 - em Client free version license problem

I have v8 and want to test upgrading to v9 with my 2nd computer and check it out before my real upgrade. I uninstalled v7 on this computer and tried to install v9 and got an error message about the license needed to be renewed and that I may not be able to downgrade to v8 after the renewal.

Can someone explain the license situation with the free version and also on a 2nd computer?.

You need to update to V8 from V7 and then update to V9 as another user found to upgrade properly.

Also if you have a free license, I would deactivate it on your old Pc first before reactivating it on your new PC with the same eM Client version.

Same goes for the Pro license.

You can d/g back to eM Client V7 or V8 by following these eM Client support instructions.


Also read this thread on doing just that.


Lastly eM Client Version history page for all versions of eM Client for Windows or Mac OS.

I uninstalled v7 and installed v8 on my 2nd computer. I was able to then install v9 without any problems with the license. I didn’t have to reactivate my license on my main eM Client computer

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I didn’t have to reactivate my license on my main eM Client computer

Yes in the recent V8 and V8 eM Client if you activate the same free or pro license on a new replacement PC or second computer, it normally will automatically deactivate the old license without having to manually deactivate first.

I just do it the old way due to habit to make sure. Great it worked for you though automatically.