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Hi dear, I did install eM Client about two week ago - after going through the whole configuration and the data import, every thing is working really fine!
“I never touch a running system”. So ,I miss the posibility to switch off this daily update message at startup. There is no reason to perform this intermediate updates. - Please … …
Thanks in advance for your quick feedback.

It is ironic that until recently many users were complaining that there was no update notification, and now that it has been fixed, you are asking to not be notified. :grin:

New updates always have security and other important fixes, so it is in your best interests to update when one is offered. Once you update you will not be notified until the next one is available, which usually is not that often. Last year there were about 18 updates which is unusual as in 2019 there were only 6, and in 2018 only 9.

If you have a Pro License you can disable update notifications in your License Manager, but for Free License users that is not possible.

Hi Gary, many thanks for your quick answer! From your point of view I’m convinced you are fully right. From my side we are maintaining a high level of security using aditional equipment. So, I just order an upgrade to the pro version :smiley:
Best Regards, Rolf

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Hi Gary, now I have a Pro license but the problem remains the same!?

As you now have a Pro License, go to the License Manager.

Log in with your credentials that were sent in the email you received with your license activation key. The user group is User (with a capital U).

Go to the License tab, then the Server tab.

Scroll down to Updates Mode.

Change that to Never.

Click the Save Settings button.

You will no longer receive update notifications, but you can still update manually by downloading the latest version from the Release History.

Hi Gary, great - many thanks for your support :smiley: