Automatic Updates

How can I disable automatic searching for updates ?

Hi, if you send me your licensing information with a reference link to this forum topic to, I can deactivate the automatic update push or set it to manual, so new updates are shown only when you use the “check for update” button.


Is deactivation only possible for paid licences or free ones as well?

Looks like you didn’t get much help. The update version wiped me out so I put V7 back on my pc. I don’t want update notification every time I start my computer.
If I can’t shut the Auto Update from opening every time, think I’ll try another email service

I recently commented on how Pro License users can disable update notifications:

I do not have a Pro Licence. Are you saying that I cannot disable the Update reminder which appears every day when I open my computer unless I have a Pro Licence?

No, as a Free License user you cannot disable the update notification. Well, that is not true; if you update then there will be nothing to notify you of, so no notification. Last year there were only 6 update notifications. Is it such an inconvenience to get a single notification about every other month when you get an excellent email client for free?

Besides, the update notifications are for your own safety. They announce that the application has been improved, or fixes and security patches have been provided. Stop winging about your free software and just update.

Thank you for responding.
And yes, eMClient is good to use and I appreciate the “for free” element.
The “single notification” you refer to is EVERY day when I turn my pc on. It was this persistence which caused me to update last month and also caused me to lose ALL my stored emails when the update of eMClient broke down and could not be resurrected.
Because of my experience, I am now operating with the “old” version, which every day opens with that update notification.

Once you update, the notification will disappear.

I encourage you to do that. If you are concerned about your local folder data, make a backup using Menu > Backup, then you can always go back if something goes wrong. Once the backup is complete, download the latest version from the Release History and install that.

All your data will be there after the update, and you will not be notified of updates until the next release.

Thanks again for following up. Wish I had backed up previously before I did the update.

Options are now available in the 8.2 beta:


I stay on ver. 8.0 and the update notifications are very annoying.
I losted my CardDAV account 2 times (v.6->v.7 and v.8.0->v8.1), 500+ contacts!!
I will stay on this version as long as possible.