Unread Email Appearance

Hi @cyberzork I appreciate the reply, but I am very comfortable switching themes and the current appearance of unread emails in the inbox. None of them do what I have asked for (change the colour of the subject line and highlight the colour of the unread email in the inbox), to make the unread emails stand out in a way that is painfully obvious. While you may find the current distinction obvious, I don’t (nor do the others who have asked for this feature). As indicated previously, it is relatively subtle to my eye, and as such requires a deeper diversion of attention (more than a quick glance) to see and interpret which emails are or are marked as unread. So, it is unsuitable for my needs in its current form, for all of the reasons previously indicated. Hence the feature request.

Now, maybe if they had the little red arrows you had to draw in your screenshot to point out which ones were unread… :slight_smile:


I’m new to eMclient and I agree that unread mails just don’t “pop” enough.

In a list of mails my eyes don’t see the unread mails immediately, its like I have to look for them instead. Maybe its because I’m not used to using the app yet, but I beleive its something that could be improved.


An option for a different colour instead of just bold?


They do have the unread dot next to them:

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I hope this is not profanity here, but Outlook with its different coloured subject makes it easier to see unread mails.


This could be a “get used to the new app” thing, but also everyone is wired differently and maybe I’m one of the guys that can’t click with the subtle theme.

An option to change text colour based on unread status would be a great thing :slight_smile:


I must be one of the “wired differently” people. I loved the app, but this was a deal breaker for me. I kept losing track of new emails (I am inundated on a daily basis).

I think it’s compounded by the fact the unread email dot is the same color as the subject line, vs. bright blue, bright red, bright green, etc., to really make it stand out at a quick glance. Instead, it’s like it is “camouflaged” to blend in with everything else by being the exact same color.

Some suggestions…

  1. Let the user select alternate dot colors (the dots that mark unread emails)
  2. Highlight unread emails in the inbox
  3. Change the color of unread email subject lines in the inbox, as lazynooblet suggested.
  4. Some combination of the above.

It would be great if these could be set as end user preferences, but I’d settle for just the different coloured dot. I’d come back and give it another try if this issue could be dealt with.


I just started using eM and wanted to +1 this suggestion. It’s driving me crazy. It’s so difficult to tell the difference between read and unread emails (at least in a dark theme like the screenshot above). The dot just gets completely overshadowed by the sender avatars such that it’s very difficult to even notice (at least for me).

Like, any way to change the color of the subject line separate from other lines, maybe the font size, etc would be a huge improvement IMO.


Same here, +1 for this simple request. Unread emails don’t stand out enough. I want to assign a different foreground color to them. In Postbox, you can set rules that assign a color label based on conditions, but that doesn’t seem possible in EMC :disappointed:

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Is there any chance we will see anything like this? For me it is also a deal breaker and a pity. I was really enjoying the trial, but my eyes hurt from trying to understand whats read and whats unread. The orange dot is not noticeable enough. The bold fond either.
There are apparently plenty of people complaining about this. So it cant be having eye sight problems.

Also there is a reason the posts about this have a lot of views. most people will google for a solution and give up. not many will create an account and post here.

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I’m also having trouble seeing which emails are unread. It needs to be very obvious at a glance

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How have people found this over time. I’m just trialing EMClient as well. I’m extremely impressed with the features it has, and I’m so grateful for an alternative to MS Outlook that can actually complete yet work with exchange servers, but I’m really struggling moving across. At present I am running both, and looking at MS outlook simply to make sure I don’t miss any emails that I haven’t read - which is not ideal.

I was just wondering for those who did find this feature missing if over time they got used to no longer having a different color for unread emails, and if it got better?

I changed theme to one that helped a bit. you can also sort unread emails first. I think over time you also get used to it. I have ended up buying the lifetime version and moving over from MS. hopefully one day they will improve this one feature.

I entirely agree. This is literally the only thing keeping me from switching to eM client.

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I second everything what has been said here. I like the eM Client functionality, but I don’t like using eM Client because of this UI issue. That’s why I still prefer mac Mail on mac and Postbox on Windows.

Avatars and dark mode (two things I like) make it even harder to distinguish read and unread messages. The small dot doesn’t suffice for my brain to process my inbox with a quick look.

I very much like the idea of different background for unread messages:

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This is planned for the upcoming version 10 through Theme editing.

You will be able to change both the text and/or background colours of unread messages to make them more visible.

So you can be creative for example with backgrounds like this:

Or something more subtle like this:


I’m struggling to add this to themes, any assistance would be greately appreciated.

I gave the exact entries to change here:

To find out how to edit a theme, see: Design your own eM Client | eM Client


I am working on eM Client not so standard at work (we share imap account) and I had problem with all that unread stuff. I figured out that the nice looking method is to add tag “NEW” (automatically by filters for incoming emails) to every email (except spam, so this filter is last one) that comes to inbox.

Then I just customized top toolbar to easy change/remove tags and now all emails are marked as “NEW”, which is visible enough (red tag). And because you can setup key shortcut to tags - working with it is pretty fast.

That is not solution because the tag is still there after the message is been read. It means I need to do more clicks to remove it and then I forget. Message are already marked read once I have read them so automatic solutions for theme change in 10 work better.

We will also have a setting for those who don’t want to edit the theme.

So something like this: