Unknown Error - "ERR Messages are counted from 1" I've made no changes. Anyone know what this means?

This only happens on my main email account. I have a second email account in EM client, which is running from the same domain, and that works perfectly.

Note - this email account worked fine when I installed it a few weeks ago, now it’s just stopped.

Screenshot of the error box.

Many thanks in advance.

Can anyone help with this please?! I’m getting no response from EM client via facebook or anyone here. I can’t be the only one who has has this problem.

Having the same issue now.  Did you resolve this?

Hi, I did sort this in the end yes. I’m with Network solutions, and I had to get them to ‘push’ through my account preferences or something. Once they did that, all 4 of my accounts started working perfectly.

Thanks for the reply … of course it’s network solutions!  I’m sure that’s my problem too.