Undo delete

I was using version 6 up until several weeks ago.
Since I started using version 7 I can not restore a message I accidently deleted(ctrl-z) or undelete.
I removes the message back yo inbox for a second and deletes it again immidiately.
Any ideas?

I have had the same experience, but not with every delete/restore.  Sometimes when I click on Menu->Edit->Undo it does restore the message.  At other times it does so briefly and then it disappears, or it does not do so at all.  A check of the Trash and Junk folders does not find it there.

Thank you for replying. Same here. I can not find it in the trash folder as well. It just disappears.
95% of the cases the restore process won’t work and the message disappears.

does this happen with the latest version 7.0.27943.0 ? You can check the number of your installed version in Help>About.
What mail account does this happen with? Or is it all of them?


Hello Olivia.
Yes. This is the version I have and it happens non stop.
Any solution?

Thank you,

Hello Sharon,
what mail account does this happen on?
Is it Gmail? Microsoft account (hotmail/live/outlook/…)? Other?



It happens with all of my Gmail accounts. I tried on AOL account and it does not happen with AOL accounts.
I have not tried on a Microsoft(Outlook) account.

Thank you

Hello Sharon,
unfortunately if its Gmail it is a server issue we are aware of at the time after we improved the Labels support.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


im having the exact same problem.

does anyone have an ETA of when this might be resolved?

I’ve been having this issue also. You can go to your gmail account on the web, find the deleted email(s) in your Trash folder and drag it back to your Inbox. When you go back to eM Client, the email is restored. Not ideal, but at least you haven’t permanently lost the email.

I recently (about 2 months ago) started using eM, free version, and I am having this issue also.  I’ve been seeing it pretty much since I started, but haven’t looked at it in detail until now.  It happens while with trying to undo (Ctrl-z) both archive and delete actions.   I just tested it with delete, and here is what I found:
1.  I delete an e-mail in eM Client, noting the subject and timestamp.
2.  I go to Gmail, and the mail is in the Trash folder, as expected.
3.  I hit Ctrl-z
4.  The e-mail appears in eM Client for about 1/2 a second and then goes away again.
5.  I go to Gmail, and I cannot find the e-mail anywhere.  I checked the Trash as well as All Mail, and it is not there.   So the Undo of a delete actually seems to be deleting the e-mail permanently for some reason.

Of course, this is not a desired behavior and I hope it can be fixed.  Until now, I have not lost anything very important because of this bug, but I figure it’s just a matter of time.

OK. So I lied about it happening with archives as well.  I just tried to test that and it turns out undo doesn’t even seem to be available for archive actions (although I think it should be).   I guess when I was hitting Ctrl-z for archives, it was probably undoing the last delete action that I did, but since the e-mail appeared and went away rapidly, I just didn’t notice.   I think you should be able to undo archives as well.

I was reporting this recently as a “delete from junk doesn’t undo”.  I was upset losing a message to an accidental delete, or a change of heart after deleting.  I hit undo, and then never was able to get the message.  So, it does seem like its only Gmail, not my exchange account.  It also seems delete works as expected, but the undo loses the message forever.  I would prefer not to be able to UNDO and lose mail permanently.

Hello everyone,
unfortunately, this is still a known Gmail issue. After Delete and Undo eM Client moves the message back to its original folder (assigns the correct label) but Gmail server then swiftly removes the labels.
A message without labels can be then found in the All Mail folder, though in some cases the message is removed completely.

We are still looking into ways we could improve (or limit) the behavior. Thank you for your understanding

As for Archive: Archive on Gmail is a function which removes Inbox label. The Undo feature is currently not made to accommodate it, but it’s on our idea list for our developers to consider in the future.


I’ve found a partial work-around to this problem. If you accidentally delete an email, go to your Trash folder, right click on the email you want back in your Inbox, click on Copy to Folder, click a different file from Inbox and then click back on Inbox, then click on OK. It disappears from your Trash folder and reappears in your Inbox. This is for gmail; IDK if it works for others.

This bug is still not fixed. Undo delete = permanently delete in gmail, no sign of the mail anywhere, it’s like it never existed. This is very frustrating - surely the bug in Gmail can be coded around!!  Very off-putting to not be able to trust the program.  Now at least I know what happened to a thread which I looked everywhere for, that I mistakenly deleted and tried to undo. 

Is the message not in All Mail?

It is not. It is irretrievably removed, no sign that the entire thread ever existed. I tested it multiple times and used gmail “in:all” to check. (Emclient’s search is not always reliable.) I’ve been having mail go missing lately. I process mail quickly, deleting anything I no longer need rather than archiving it, but sometimes my fingers delete too fast, ahead of my brain. I would see the messages disappear after the undo delete, but silly me I assumed it was just losing the inbox tag, just like messages disappear from my unread view in gmail, and I didn’t need those in inbox, only in the archive, so I never even blinked. The times I couldn’t find the mail I assumed it was just emclient’s search wasn’t as good.

Data loss from an undo function is a serious issue. I’ve been using EMClient for years but this is disconcerting enough that I’m questioning that - how many dozens of messages have I lost? (To be fair, there are only a few I’ve gone back to look for, later, but only one was important enough that I’ve been questioning my sanity (agreements regarding selling a car, with the breakdown of costs for delivery across states). I checked Facebook messenger, text conversations, gmail, etc and couldn’t find it anywhere :slight_smile:

There are ways to code around another software’s bug to protect your users. 2 years later they haven’t fixed this or gotten gmail to fix it, when it is a known data loss bug, that’s what bothers me. At least give me a warning, or prevent me from using undo in gmail threads. Something.

Thanks, Lisa

The workaround is to copy the accidentally deleted message from Trash back to Inbox as we know that works.

If undo could just pop a “sorry Gmail may not be undeleted” and stop, that would work for me.  As a software developer, all data loss is unacceptable to me for my customers and priority 1 over all features.