unable to make eM client my default eMail

Just migrated from Outlook on XP.
When going into the general settings, the “MAKE DEFAULT” button is not operative and even after hitting “apply” nothing happens.


eM Client should not be possible to install on Windows profiles without admin rights but I am not sure about this in Win XP, can you tell me if that is your case?


I am having this exact same issue on one of my windows 7 64 bit computers.

I can not make eM Client the default and I do not even have any other e mail software installed. so because of this issue I can not for example open eM Client from another program to send a e mail to tech support.

How can I fix this?

Have you tried reinstalling it or updating eM Client to newest version? It should offer to you standard Windows’s windows with default programs.

Anyway do you use account with admin right’s?


Let me try and explain whats going on here.

Ok first of all the issue is when I click on “Contact Tech Support” E mail links from programs like Weather Watcher Live and True Launch Bar for example I see the blue circle spinning thing for several seconds and then I get a pop up window that says “Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed” This pop up window is from Windows Internet Explorer. So after I click the ok button to close this pop up windows I get like 50+ IE11 windows popping up on my desktop. This all happens every time I try and click on contact tech support e mail links in software programs. However say for example if I right click on a file and select “zip and e mail” eM Client opens without any issues.

Yes my account is a Administrator account. in fact its the only account on this computer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times using the latest beta 2 of version 6. Does not fix it. Strange thing is after I uninstall eM Client and then reinstall it all my accounts and messages are still there. So does this mean I am not fully uninstalling it? And could that be the reason why the issue is not going away?

Just to let you know I am only having this issue on one of the 3 computers that I have eM Client running on.

I don’t know why this issue started in the first place but it seems the only way I may be able to fix it will be to reinstall Windows.

Also in the eM Client settings Default email client is greyed out and not clickable.

here is another screenshot from the windows Default Programs window. And they are also not clickable.

if you check select all will it work?


you have to delete database manually, otherwise it will stay on your computer


no selecting check all does nothing. Like you see in the screenshot all the check marks remain blanked out.

Do you think deleting the database manually would fix the issue I am having?

Also where is the database?

Just wanted to report that I actually reformatted my windows 7 notebook and installed windows 8.1 and after installing eM Client the issue is not happening any more.

So for now the issue is fixed :slight_smile:

I’ve just posted this exact same problem as superman in my own thread as he should’ve done. Then I would’ve noticed and starred.

This thread title does not explain Superman’s and my problem correctly and probably was due to admin rights. I hope the OP got sorted.

thank you for update on your issue, I am happy that it works for you now .


yes, probably was, but usually for many of our users works reverting rom windows 8.1 to 7 and not other way.

So I suppose that yes, it was because admin right for accounts were damaged.


I had the same problem what I did was to create an association the problem now fixed

Thank you for sharing your solution with us.


How do you create an association?

Hi Pat, what do you mean by association?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Pat Meaney is referring to the following post of Wayne Armstrong:

“I had the same problem what I did was to create an association the problem now fixed”.