Unable to contact the update server for at least 14 days

Pro lifetime user for MANY years…

I am receiving emails, but still getting the error that it can not connect to the update server and is running in offline mode.

Just did a reinstall last week… (Due to connection issues) and its been working fine until now. Now outgoing email will not go out. Only incoming. Diagnostics come back ok on all accounts.

I have read other posts here and tried accessing the various websites mentioned like the one below and I am able to access them on chrome and edge no problem.

At the moment, I am also NOT running any AV or firewall software on my PC. (Was troubleshooting other issues, and havent reinstalled it again yet.)

So, whats up?

Sounds like eM Client may not be activated for some reason.

When you go to “Menu / Help / License”, does it have a Deactivate button & Pro at the bottom ?

jueves 04 noviembre 2021 :: 1410hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @vernonwebsites

To update are you using Menu ->Update?
You can try:

This will show what is historically available.
Check you current version: Menu ->Help ->About

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Can you give a screenshot of the error?

Yes, has my info, says pro with lifetime and has the deactivate button showing

Have tried the menu update and nothing happens. I recently installed the very latest version. Here is the error…

I also tried deactivating (to reactivate) and it won’t deactivate. Says "A problem has occurred when contacting the licensing server. DeactivateLicenseEx Failed

Please see our Knowledgebase article on this issue:


Checked that and it looks fine. (See screenshot) I also just reinstalled that cert just in case. No change. emclient02

Weird thing is, it seems to intermittently sync my email accounts downloading new emails, but having issues with sending sometimes… Sketchy

Did you download and install the certificate?

Yes, as mentioned, I did reinstall it.

And you still get the RetrieveLicenseXml failed?

Yes, affirmative. Still shows the error.

Have you rebooted your computer since installing the certificate ?

Just did again now and still the same. Also, weird that I am getting emails in the client… even though it is saying its now in offline mode… Error comes up every time I start up emclient.

I also just tried to uninstall emclient in the control panel and it wouldnt work. Errored. So I used Revo and got rid of it completely. Then rebooted. Then tried reinstalling emclient. Set up one of my email accounts (a gmail account) and it is syncing right now…

BUT when I go to enter my license into the license activation area it gives the error “A problem has occurred when contacting the licensing server: ActivateLicenseFromApplicationEx Failed”

Something is pretty messed up here.

I paid for the lifetime on this software and now it’s not working the way it is suppose to. Is there a way to actually get some support from the company on this? (Or am I already in here?) This area is user/community supported right?

As the installed certificate has not fixed the issue even after rebooting, I would lodge a support request via the Pro Support page.


I’ve had a couple of clients who used Ziply as their ISP and had trouble logging into a few specific sites. The problem appeared to have something to do with their ISPs screwed up cache, however, changing dns server did not help nor clearing dns cache.

What has worked is:

  1. A vpn, just to test and see if you go from the vpn’s servers and the problem disappears then you have the problem located. Tunnelbear is an audited vpn with a small 500 meg/month free account you can use for testing or very occasional use.
  2. One client shutoff their combo modem router and computers. Then turned on the modem/router. After it got back up and clear (give it 5-10 minutes), turned on their computers and now, those places they couldn’t get to came in fine.

As a PRO user you should be able to raise a ticket with eMC Support. Go to their web site and check under VIP Support

Another issue is that maybe some security app on your computer has changed some settings in the OS.

In Windows launch Services.msc and make sure Cryptographic services and CNG Key Isolation are running.

Thanks, I checked with VPN and also the services stuff and no go with vpn, and the services stuff looks ok too. I paid for extended vip last night so I will have to talk to them now.