Unable to add Microsoft Exchange email account

It runs me through the entire process. But after it opens the web page for me to tell Microsoft it’s ok to grant access, I click that button and get returned to eM Client. There I have the dialog box open as before. The only options are “Back”, “Cancel”, and “Finish”.

Clicking finish start the process all over again with eM Client opening a Microsoft page to allow access. I click enable and it brings me back to the eM Client dialog box and the circle starts again.

How do I stop this Groundhog Day?

Update – I’ve tried setting up the Exchange email manually. This allows me to add my username and password to the process. The automated process never asked for that.

BUT… that didn’t help. It still just goes through a loop.

Fwiw, this is happening to me too. I was advised to use EMClient since my old school is discontinuing their email service and using EMClient for migration is their one advise. Out of a few thousand alumni, apparently im the only one with this issue… :frowning:

Some more trawling of this forum and I actually found a working solution. Office 365 login, Unusual Browser error - Initial setup - eM Client
Thank you!!

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