Office 365 login, Unusual Browser error

I am getting an error when logging into an office 365 email account which I purchased from Godaddy. I had no issues logging in though my laptop. I am running the standard windows security.


See if this Knowledgebase article is of any help: OAuth login for Microsoft Office 365

I ran the provided file with emclient closed and then verified the changes in the registry. I tried signing into the account again and got the same error. I rebooted the pc to make sure and repeated the process and still the same.

I think you need to remove, then add the account again using the Automatic Setup.

There is nothing to remove Gary as my whole problem is that I cannot add the account thus the accounted is not added. Or are you referring that I uninstall emclient? If I uninstall emclient then the registry change I just did would be undone.
I have tried setting up this account on 3 desktop computers. The error is the same on all of them but on my laptop there was no such error and I was successful.

Hi, I’ve never had this problem before, followed the instructions in the URL originally to get around the OAuth problem…until today. Now I’m being prompted to login and I am also receiving the “your browser is a bit unusual” message. I’ve also been prompted to login to all my accounts on EM Client, all the ones that don’t use Office 365 have been fine

Any updates or solutions to this? I manage about 6 different inboxes and can only access half of them. At the moment I’m hopping between incognito windows to access the other inboxes

I contacted support and every day someone new asks me the same question that I answered the previous day… which is whether I tried switching off my anti-virus. I already proved to them by sending screenshots of my task manager that I do not have anything else installed other than standard windows security which I have disabled when trying to sign up the account but their responses are only around 1 per day so…
Maybe tomorrow someone new will ask me again if I have switched off my anti-virus.

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Can you contact me directly ( and I will merge all your tickets into one. That way you will only deal with one of us. :wink:

Sounds exactly like the issue I’m having.

Isn’t this a GoDaddy issue?

@DavidC1, @Henry3, who hosts the server you are trying to connect to?

I don’t know.

I did have it added to EM Client for over a year. Then my laptop crapped out and I had to buy and set up another one. Installed EM Client and started adding my emails and this one gave me the error.
In other words, I did have it added, but now I can’t do it on the new system.

I am not an expert but I doubt this is godaddy for one simple reason…Why do these same accounts connect on windows mail, outlook client, edison email for android, mymail for android…i have succesfully connected in all these apps except emclient.

Googling around a few peeps got this “Your Browser is a bit unusual error” after installing “Avast Cleanup” program.

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Actually, the inboxes I can’t get into are both godaddy domains

As the error is seen in a browser connection with the GoDaddy server, would it be acceptable to contact them and ask about this, because it seems that their server doesn’t like your browser?

The server does not like EM Client’s browser/the workaround that was provided to us by your support to originally set up accounts that had two factor authorisation. I can login fine to the inboxes using any of the internet browsers except when it comes to logging in with EM Client. I will send a support ticket to Go Daddy but they will most likely just as well turn around and say its an EM Client issue

When accessing the webmail interface, that is not the oAuth setup. It is not the same thing.

The reason I asked if you were all using GoDaddy, is that this issue seems to be unique to oAuth setup with GoDaddy accounts. It will be interesting to see how they respond.

But that doesn’t rule out @cyberzork’s comment about Avast, or rather Avast Cleanup. If that is a common factor among you, then it would be important to know.

The workaround until we can resolve this with GoDaddy is to disable oAuth Exchange logins on your computer, then setup the account again.

To do that close eM Client, then in Windows click on the Start button and type regedit and select Registry Editor (Desktop app) from the results

Go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\eM Client

Click on Edit > New > DWORD (32-bit) value.

Name it AllowExchangeOnlineOAuth

By default it should be set to 0, if not change it to 0

Start eM Client and add your GoDaddy account.

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eM Client version 8.2.1509, available from the Release History provides a fix for this issue with GoDaddy.

After upgrading you can remove the registry entry, then remove and re-add the account in eM Client.