two new messages

Hi guys!

Cool program but need to get some bugs out and some fixes to make it a real “Outlook never more”…

Now, when I hit “New” to start writing a new message it opens not one, BUT TWO new windows ready to get the text that i suppose to sento to someone…

Is that happening to any of you?

Quick answer is, it’s not happening to me, and quite frankly I couldn’t find a way that I could get it to do that if that was the behaviour I wanted.  Have you checked the template that you’re using as a default for new mails?

Hi Nigel,

This is NOT a template.
Unfortunately, as I said, I hit NEW to get a new empty messagem to send to someone…
…then, not only one, but TWO “NEW” message windows are oppened…
…maybe the update installation is creating a MESS.
There are probablye about 4 updates in less then two weeks and every one asked me for a file on a CD-ROM so I just cancel that and the installation keeps going on…

So, maybe that’s the origin of the problem…

Hi Marcelo,

If a lot of people would have the same issue as you (2 e-mail windows are opening when you press [new]), then I would expect a lot of posts here about that issue … but that’s luckily not the case.

So, in other words: it’s not something that is happening a lot.

I also find it strange that all 4 updates are asking you for a file on a CD-ROM … that also should not happen … I’ve installed maybe 2-3 updates these weeks and didn’t get such messages.

Maybe you should completely uninstall eM Client and install again (after having rebooted your computer)?

I can do that!

But only if you guarantee that I’ll NOT loose a bit of my data.

All prefs, all my templates, all my stuff will be safe?

Hi Marcelo, are you able to replicate this issue even after reopening the application? I had a similar issue which I’ve reported to the developers, but after application restart the “New” button was again opening just a single new message window. Can you also please try to install this most recent release : and check if the issue persists?

Also as Hans suggested to uninstall the application, if you uninstall eM Client, all your database files should still be stored in your local folder > App Data > Roaming > eM Client, or you can create a backup to be sure you won’t lose your data.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately, yes. Restart didn’t the trick.
BUT, I used all “cleaners” and register “fixers” that I have and, ta-daaaa.

The double “new” message is GONE!

I’m glad you’ve found a solution, please let me know if the issue reoccurs, I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

It’s hard to say that but, the double NEW message is back!!!

I think that all I have to do to trig this “bug” on is to send messages from my two different acconts (not at the same time, before anyone think that)…

I am having exactly the same issues - from the duplicate emails to the file on cd being asked for.

Hi Timothy,

I hope someone figure out a solution for this annoying “add” or “feature”… (hehehehe…)

Now I click on “NEW” and only one “new” window pops-up…
But I got this same behavior process yesterday.

First it seems to be ok, then it starts to open two windows at the same time.

So, I am thinking that could be some messed setup ou something like that.
Because there was three accounts first, untill my free time is over and then I had to get rid of one of them…

Hi Timothy,

Did you had more then two accounts on your eM Client?
Maybe that’s the problem here.

I have the free version and used to have three accounts…
…maybe to get rid of one of those accounts caused some demage

Thanks - I only have one account

Hi Timothy, what version of eM client are you currently using? Can you please make a screenshot of the issue or errors you’re seeing?

Thank you,

version 6.0210340
Hard to take a screen shot as it’s just two new emails opening when I click the New button once.  I am fairly computer literate so O know it’s not user error.
Also, I too am getting the request for an additional file on my machine/cd when I update - been happening for the last 4-5 updates.  Windows 8.1.  
I also am getting an error regarding Contacts/ - happens whenever the contacts try to sync.  If I could force sync i could take a snapshot of the error.
This last error started about the same time the other two did.

Hi Timothy, I was thinking about a screenshot of the “cd additional files” issue, it seems like this might be a problem in a microsoft installer database.
If you’re having some issues with your contacts synchronization, please make a screenshot of the error as well and possibly switch to the Log tab in the operations window and copy the content of the log when it occurs.

Thank you,

We’re currently inspecting this issue as it started occurring to several users including myself. I hope we can find a solution soon.

Thank you for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience,

Can you please try to right click your Contacts folder and select Properties > Repair, and click on the “Repair” button.
Let me know if the error occurs again.

Thank you,

that didn’t work - it did erase the members of my distribution lists but thats not a big deal.  same error is occurring.