Trash is not emptying on exit

My trash does not delete when I close eM Client. Sometimes it stays in trash for sereral days. I have empty trash on exit checked. I also have the lastest version installed. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks, Jim

The delete trash on exit is working ok for me auto deleting my (Gmail account Trash folder and Local ISP IMAP account Trash folder) using eM Client V 8.1.1060 for Windows. Check that you have the latest version from the release history page -

When you close eM Client give it say eg: 5 secs before you reopen the program again as EMC might just need a few seconds to clear the trash folders depending on how much is in your trash folders.

I wait up to 30 minutes to and hour before I open the client again, sometimes longer. I now have 12 emails in trash from yesterday as I now open eM Client for the first time since 8:00PM last night.

I suspect then you have some sort of eM Client program error as you shouldn’t have that issue.

I would suggest to then go to Menu / Backup. Once backed up uninstall EMC and when asked do you want to delete the database on uninstall, choose (No) to keep your database. Then reinstall the latest version again from the history page above.

Note:- After uninstall before reinstalling if you have Windows, check that the C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client folder / directory is removed. If its not, manually delete the eM Client folder.

Thanks, I may do that.

I did exactly what you suggest, @cyberzork, and numerous times recently. But trash does not empty when I close eM Client, on all of my accounts even if it is clearly set in the Settings.I just took the habit of deleting trash manually, on each account :thinking:.

I cannot reproduce this. With my IMAP account and my Local Folders, Trash is emptied on exit.

Might this be an issue with a specific provider @James_Ballinger and @Son-of-A-Gun ?

Yes does then sound like a possible specific ISP mailbox restriction on auto del as you say Gary.

I am using imap on a comcast, gmail and an outlook accounts and neither of them empty trash even when the trash on exit is checked. I just empty the trash eventully myself. I contacted eM Client and the support Rep wanted me to send all kinds of info to him like he had never heard of the problem.

I’m using IMAP on 3 differents accounts: own server, another own server with G-Suite and Gmail. Neither of them empties trash on exit despite it being chexked in the Settings.
I’ll wait a bit before opening a ticket as I have another issue pending with support.

So then it’s not provider specific.

The best option is probably to open a support ticket with eM Client if you have a Pro License. They will be able to view the logs and determine the cause.

@James_Ballinger: You might be interested by this thread:

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v8.1.1084 ??

Release History does not reflect this release #

No, it may have been an internal build.

That did it so you are correct. eM Client support acted like that they knew nothing about it. I worked in technology the last 20 years of my work life prior to retirement and I know that somethimes support people in our ORG were known to act like they never heard of a particular problem when they did know. Thanks so much, Jim

Understood… but there wasn’t a link associated with it in the reply and then it appears to have been corrected in a subsequent reply but with a different URL…

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