today's hotmail issue

Problem with password message. Saw note. Updated emclient. Hotmail still does not work. Password is correct.  Do I have to uninstall emClient totally? Fix suggests total install but I just installed latest version and I’ve got it configured just as I want it. There’s nothing wrong with my account and it’s accessible via explorer and ios. Are you still working to resolve this? I can’t turn off av everytime I use emclient.

As long as it asks for the password the update did its job. The rest of the authentication is processed through Microsoft web site. At what step do you receive error and what kind of error is it?

Other people’s experience indicates that it’s not a Microsoft issue as it works perfectly on explorer and ios.  My account is fine. I wrote an email and then got message that authentication failed. When upgrading, it said the account might be corrupted as I hadn’t closed the account properly but I had. So the minute emclient tried to download and send, I got the message. I have configured my account with local folders and don’t wish to do that again. Hence don’t wish to delete the imap account in favour of exchange.  But if it doesn’t work, then at least I have a copy of the database. Very frustrating.  Can’t turn off av as it’s a company one and I don’t wish to ask them to turn it off everytime I use emclient.

I think my desire is not to uninstall as I have no time to reconfigure all my local folders and preferences etc. Window fix gave impression of total new reinstall.

if you are using a hotmail account make sure the passsword is correct and the the settings in hotmail are correct for IMAP.

I am getting the same problem in my pc. i n my phone works fine. 


I don’t even see the password field in the accounts window

…and I can log on okay to and access my mail. Doesn’t look like a Microsoft problem…

I installed emClient on another computer without issues. The one that has the problem is a windows 7 computer. New windows 10 computer does not have my local folders and rules.

are there settings in hotmail that allows you to enable IMAP or POP?  if you have the password and the proper settings it should work unless the IMAP is not enabled

IMAP is enabled. Ports ok.

I don’t either.

It is not a hotmail error. The same thing happened to me with 3 hotmail accounts. Uninstall (back up your emails) Em Client and reinstall it and it will work for you. Or download the latest update, version 7.2.34959.0. To me it has worked.

I don’t know what your settings are and I am not allowed to remote in to you account to check it.  you may have to contact your ISP and see if they can help you

They can’t.

I downloaded new update and it didn’t work.

Backed up but doesn’t that go when you uninstall? Unless you copy it. Back up ok. Will it have the fault on it though. Anyway, you shouldn’t have to uninstall and reinstall. I have no time. I’m a carer.

Sorry that you are having problems but em client will not allow me to get information from you thru the em client postings such as this.  Sorry.  the only way we could try is if you submit you email address and your settings that you now have and I can check the.  I don’t want you password through

What a mess.  I tried to do the update from the popup.  In the middle of that I got the Microsoft wrror message.  then the update failed.  I am on a windows 7 system.  I loaded another email client and it worked fine.   I know I am using the free version, but if it does not work, it does not work.   Is it time to go back Thunderbird?