Timezone for daylight savings not correct

I am having trouble with my calendar, the appointments I am booking in are showing an hour back then what time they are booked in, for example in google calendar a meeting is booked in for 11am and in emClient it is showing at 10am but when I hover over the booking it states the meeting is on at 11am.

Plus the little red line on the calendar showing the time is an hour back.

My mac is showing the right time and google calendars are showing the right time.

When I look at the booking it is showing as my timezone is UTC

eM Client gets the time and timezone from your computer settings. You want to check that your computer is set to the correct timezone.

my computer is in the right timezone, I am in Sydney Australia, my timezone is in the Sydney Australia with location services on 

Gary did you have a solution to this issue?

Notice the difference in the red line and timing and the time on the mac

I have an idea this is an issue with Google Calendars and not the email client, as I recall a similar issue last year with Thunderbird’s Lightning. 

But wherever the issue is, fixes are regularly applied to eM Client, so if you are not using the latest version, you can download and install it from the Mac Release history.

See if there is any difference.

I have the lastest version of emClient, I updated it yesterday 

What do I do now? because I am not able to use this, I am looking for another email client to use in the meantime which I really do not want to do 

I think the issue is that Google automatically converts all events to UTC to help avoid issues with daylight savings. So, you can try the same event with a different calendar provider that does not automatically change the time zone.

As a business user, you need to purchase a Pro License to continue using eM Client. Once you have purchased the license, you can get VIP Support directly from eM Client. They will be able to assist you further.

In google calendar direct there is no issue, especially with the red line that shows the current time, emclient is an hour behind google calendar direct.

I do not think its on googles end as its not just the calendar bookings 

We already know that Google changes the time zone of the event, so there is no need to debate that here. Just try the event with a different provider and see the difference.

Otherwise, please open a support ticket directly with eM Client if you need further assistance as this is just a community supported forum, and not official support from the company.

ill try that thanks 

Do you have a solution now? It’s not just Google, I have a problem with another calendar too.
Uwe from Germany

I understand that some changes were made in version 8 to correct timezone issues from Google Calendar. Maybe it will apply to other calendars as well.

Can you download the latest version 8 beta from the Release History and see if there is any difference.

Is there any solution? Version 8 also has the bug and is unusable.

I’ve had this issue too. It’s not Google, I don’t use Gmail or other Google services. It’s an Emclient problem. And I can’t get a solution from them.

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They still aren’t responding to my service requests.

I think they don’t know what to do- I bought a license and got in touch with a nice service representative about the problem. We checked everything, it is clearly a bug and I got my money back


What a shame. I just started using eM (trial) and so far I’m very happy with it. However, because of this bug I won’t make the purchase.

jueves 10 septiembre 2020 :: 1802hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi Daniel_Hallawi…

I was just browsing and saw your issue; I know it’s old, however, I had the same problem.
I resolved it by selecting my Time Zone in the event window - now have no problems.

Hope this is of help,

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


There is an update an I think that there is no bug anymore.

So this is definitely a problem with em Client. I had reoccurring events created before Daylight Saving which are all an hour off now. Events created after Daylight Saving are fine. None of my other email clients have this problem (iphone Calendar, iphone Google Calendar, Outlook for Mac. Running 8.1.1021