The program does not load the contents of the email

Lately I am dissatisfied with the program, I already have the most updated version, but the program has always presented a very fatal defect, the program does not load the content of the email with certain frequency, not only in the Gmail account, but with all other accounts (Hotmail and Yahoo), I have to close the program and open it again so that it works again normal.

I am with Charter (Spectrum) and using eM Client (paid version) and I have the same problem. I was told by someone that Charter is not compatible with eM and will not “push” their emails to eM. However I used another 3rd party software for email for years and had no problem. But like you, if I close eM and reopen it, my emails come through. They just will not come in if I run eM resident in my tray. I am using a desktop (Win 10). I like to know when emails come in real time. But here is what I have to do to get my emails if I do not want to close the program. Right click on your inbox, click on “properties” in the drop down menu. When the box comes up open up the “Repair” tab and click on the “repair.” box and then click on “Ok.” YOur emails will load in to your inbox. Whatever process is taking place, it would be nice if eM Client would just write that in the program to take place when you refresh. Also if Charter was causing the problem then it would not happen at all. Why am I getting emails when I repair or close and open the program, but not when I refresh or not on a regular basis?

I am having the same problem with Charter.  Other emails work fine.  Please fix this.  Have not bought the program yet-trying it out.

eM Client needs to respond to this problem. This is why I don’t like services that do not have a phone number to talk to a tech. Nothing will get done just talking about it in the “community.” We need help from eM.

As far as Charter goes, this is a known problem and I don’t believe eM Client will address it.  Maybe you should complain to Charter about their non-standard implementation.

the eM Client free version does not include or promise any support other than this forum.  I think this is fair for free software and pretty standard.  If you want individualized support, you can always purchase the Pro version.

Oh, by the way, you should be able to set charter email up as POP3 and it will then deliver all messages, it will just not sync to the server.

I had problems with a previous third party email service. I finally oredered their paid serveice and paid for it. The problems continue to exist. As far as the Charter problem, if I rememberr it was question that went to an eM Client tech. They are the ones that responded about Charter. That is totally unacceptable. 

I read somewhere online that Chartere now needs to be setup as “” But it has been a while since I set this up and I don’t know that much about “POP3” and other ways to set up. I would need to see an examle of an account setup to refersh my memory before I start chaning thinigs.

Jay, I am not going to tell one of the largest email providers in the country that they have a non-standard implementation.  Why? - because I don’t know that and it is not my place.  But, if I made my living by selling email software I sure would try to make sure that I support one of the nations largest email providers, standard or not.  I was evaluating this software, so why should I now buy with a known bug especially when paying subscribers below don’t have it resolved.  I may try their old POP3 server even though they don’t really support it anymore.

Thanks for your comments - I do have it setup that way currently.  If I find a solution I’ll let you know.  

eM Client, like any other company has limited resources and must utilize them in a manner that maximizes revenue. Apparently they feel that the Charter customer base is not significant enough to warrant the fix. I’m not editorializing, just offering my opinion on their response.

I do believe it is your place as a customer to question Charter’s implementation. Maybe if enough do they will make a change.

Just so everyone knows, I have conftonted Charter with this and they just tell me they do no involve themselves with 3rd party software. They want all of their customers to go online to their slow bogged down website and get their email there. I even told them that I like having an email program that runs resident that does not need to open up to hear you have email. To get to their email is like peeling an onion.

Yeah and I’ll bet their web client has lots of fun ads.

Hello Churk,

Please check the mail settings from: or with the settings in eM Client > Menu > Tools > Accounts > your Charter account.


You can-- buy a pro license.

I tried to change my settings to the settings your link brought me to. But it did nt work at all. In fact, I could not even repair and it my emails, so I changed them back and my emails loaded in. The way it is right now, I can get my emails by going through the “repair” process, which is pushing a couple of buttons. They all load in. But it is frustrating that I have to do that all the time.
Previously I used IncrediMail and all my Charter emails loaded automatically. I would hear throughout the day, “You’ve got mail!” So why is it Charter works with Incredimail which they do not support and will not discuss with their customers, but they will not load their emails into dM Client automatically?

I don’t know.  Maybe it sets Charter up as POP3?  Does it sync or just download emails?  It could be that incredimail actually supports the non-push IMAP implementation used by Charter.

You can always create a POP3 account for Charter in eM Client and it will download all messages without problem.  It just won’t synchronize the folder structure to the server.

Im sorry to say I just don’t know enough about the technical issues to tinker with it as you are suggesting. I know after I run the “repair” it downloads all of my emails from Charter at that time. I don’t think it syncs. I changed all of my account settings to the POP3 like you pointed out, but then I couldn’t even receive my emails at all. I had to switch back.

By the way, the way I understand it, even if we buy the Pro version, there is still no access to phone techs. YOu have to send an email and wait for their reply. It is impossible to have a confersation over technical issues waiting for each other to respond by email. 

That is correct.  However, I have never had them take >24 hours (excluding weekends) to respond and if the problem cannot be resolved by email, they will do a remote control session(e.g., Teamviewer).