text in mail body disappearing

Hi, in the body of the message, the beginning of the text is there, and after a few lines, there is nothing more, if you check on gmail directly, you can see all the text.
Can I trust EM client ?

Are there 3 dots in the message?  Click on them the it will expand.  This is a conversation mode feature.

I got the same issue. And I don’t have 3 dots… I can find another part in different attachments named “attachment.html”.
But I don’t have time to read emails seperated in attachments

It is a different issue Olly. The three dos are not actually an issue but a feature of conversations and can be disabled in settings.

BTW: Be VERY careful of HTML attachments. They are a serious security issue and often used on phishing expeditions.

Thats the reason I don’t want to need to open attachments.
I would like to see the whole message in my email without any attachment with parts of the email.

If I open the email with f.e. gmx at their homepage, I see the email in one whole message without attachments.

Yes, I have also seen how webmail interfaces display HTML attachments like that. eM Client does the same for some attachment types, like images, but I guess for security reasons, or some limitation in the application, attachments like pdf and HTML are not displayed inline.

So, that’s an exclusion criterion.
I can’t check attachment.html in all mails, in the hope it’s not a virus

Was this message originally received at GMX, or on a different server?

Does this happen with all messages?

It’s not only one. It’s a bunch of emails I got like this. From different clients to different clients of my email

So it is not just happening in eM Client then?

I’m only working with EM, but I have different email adresses in.
ON all accounts I can see the whole message if I login to the web client of each.

Only at EM half of the message disppears and I need to open the attachment.html

OK. I also use GMX and I don’t see that happening with my messages.

Are these problem messages being forwarded from another email account (say you receive them on a Gmail account and they are automatically forwarded to your GMX account) or are they from a specific sender?

it is random. and very annoying

Hi there, I also get this issue and it is driving me nuts. I’ve been forced back to using Thunderbird because of it, after paying for eM Client licenses.

To be precise, the emails are html emails from any sender sent to my home account using my own server running postfix. I use a filter service to check my emails (boxbe.com) and it wraps html messages with a wrapper. When it does, eM Client displays the emails as attachment.html which have to be manually opened every time, which it does in a web browser.

This problem only happens in eM Client, I checked it with Outlook and Thunderbird on Windows and Linux, and Bluemail and K9 Mail on Android and they all display the email properly with the html content displayed inside the text wrapper and (optionally) the images blocked until I manually choose to download them as normal.

You can reproduce the problem by getting a boxbe account, setting an account up on it and sending yourself an html email to that account. Every other client displays the email except eM Client which has it as an attachment named attachment.html.

(update) Just installed Version 8 (why wasn’t I prompted about that when I selected check for updates?) and unfortunately it’s actually worse in that rather than the attachment being called attachment.html, it’s now called attachment.bin and there is no association with html at all so opening the attachment no longer opens a web browser to at least view the html.

I saw the same problem one time.It was some time ago and my sister saw it first on her EMclient. I had her send it to me and saw the same problem with the email so I opened it on my ipad with no loss of text, graphics or anything. Next I went back to EMclient and displayed the email as text not HTML. It was all there including the HTML language code. The only answer can be that there is something EMclient doesn’t like about certain HTML code. Maybe there is an error in the HTML code or it’s written improperly or who knows what but that’s what I dd to learn it is an HTML problem with EMClient. That was in version 7.xxx and I have not come across it again. I’ll see if my sis still has it and if so, I’ll send it in. I deleted it.By the way, my Email is Gmail and the same message opens fine if I browse directly to gmail and open it there.

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I experienced the same problem with importing emails from an old program. When I click on some of those emails, I can’t see the text. I only see them now as attachment.bin files. Did you ever get this solved? If so, what was the solution?

My solution sadly remains “use Thunderbird”. Shows very poorly on eMclient that this bug is not being taken seriously. Enough that I have wasted my money on a useless email client.

They “fixed” the issue by re-adding the .html extension to the unwanted .bin attachment so that you can open the bin file like it was before. Kinda rubbing salt into the wound, that one, put the old bug back in to fix the new bug!

eM, this is still a bug, unless you’ve fixed it recently?

One thing about Thunderbird is that it displays HTML attachments inline. So the attachment is there in Thunderbird just like it is in eM Client, it just displays it the same way it displays an image attachment. BTW Thunderbird 68 broke that feature, but I think it was later fixed.

eM Client does not display HTML attachments inline. That is not a bug, it is by design.

That is not the problem at all, it is an html message, how it is encoded is irrelevant to me the user. EVERY other email client displays them correctly, not just Thunderbird, they all do except eM. This makes eM look poor compared to its (free) competition.

It is not by design, otherwise all html messages wouldn’t work, but some do, just not all.

Did the devs try to reproduce and understand the issue as described? It sounds like they dismissed it out of hand without fully understanding it and are now refusing to look at it again. In the mean time I wasted my money and people reading threads like this are looking elsewhere for their email needs.

eM Client displays HTML messages just fine, but you said that the HTML was an attachment.

Thunderbird displays HTML attachments in-line. That means they appear as part of the message.

eM Client does not display HTML attachments in-line, therefore it is not displayed as part of the message.

You will have to ask them.

In case there is some misunderstanding, this is a user supported forum, not a means to communicate with the company. For that you will need to have purchased a Pro License in the past 12 months, and then open a support ticket.