text in mail body disappearing

I don’t care if it is an attachment or inline I simply want to see my html the same as I do in ALL other clients rather than having to jump through multiple hoops to do something that is instant if I use another product.

If that is by design I am making other potential purchasers aware of the issue here and perhaps they will look elsewhere for their email needs. It is a very common requirement these days to be able to see html in emails be it inline or an attachment.

this is a user supported forum,
I know, I was responding to a question posted here, I’ve abandoned eM Client as a waste of money.

I bought multiple Pro Licenses and raised a ticket over a year ago. As I said, I don’t use eM Client any more. They refused to resolve my issue when I did raise a ticket so I am certainly not going to buy another license now.

eM CLient does NOT display HTML messages correctly the same as all other email clients, the issue is repeatable and reproducible and is therefore a bug in eM Client. It’s that simple.

To be constructive rather than us all getting even further entrenched, all I am really saying is that it should be added in. There seem to be enough reports here of it being an issue for different users. If they added it in behind an option to enable it or disable it, where’s the issue with that? If you don’t want it, turn it off, if you do, turn it on.

I am sure the support and/or dev teams read this board, so I am sure they will answer any questions raised if they wanted to :slight_smile:

Then eM Client is not for you as it does not display HTML attachments in-line.

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The use case here is that using Boxbe is borked in eM Client because of a bug in eM Client. Every other client works. Boxbe is an excellent spam filter and not using that is more of a hassle than not using eM Client. The fact that eM Client refuse the acknowledge the issue of it failing to render emails in a manner compatible with other email clients - bug or not bug - is my real problem with eM Client and I advise people to avoid a non-customer facing organisation like this, if the software is good or not good, the support when you have issues is not good. Why pay money for a worse “product” than the free alternatives? By product I mean the whole package including support.

I moved on ages ago because of this issue, I expect other will too.

As I said, eM Client is not for you then.

I am not asking about the state of eM Client now, I am asking why the bug/feature isn’t even being considered.

Perhaps someone (preferably someone from eM Client rather than a user who isn’t a spokesperson for them) would like to comment about why the idea of adding a feature that users want and that makes the client more compatible isn’t being considered? A “won’t fix because…” rather than a “won’t fix and not explaining why”. That would be a helpful response.

I guess you don’t get it.

This is a user supported forum, not the method to contact the company. eM Client employees do not usually comment here.

If you need to contact them for clarification, and you purchased your Pro License within the past 12 months, please open a support ticket.

Perhaps it would be easier on all of us if you would use this link and ‘speak’ to the company via SNAIL MAIL.

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One year later, now Apr2022, and this issue still exists. I have to agree with SivE and the rest that this issue is a bug and not a feature. I will continue using EM, but sure wish they would fix this.

Has anyone figured out a work around?

There were different issues discussed above.

What issue exactly are you referring to @vdub ?
If you are asking about displaying HTML attachments inline, we don’t support that, sorry.
If you are asking about the three dots, just disable conversations and the quoted text will not be collapsed.

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