Synchronizing Gmail Contacts Fails

I want to like this client soooo much, but I am having a hard time. When I use the sidebar, the chat section has people who are not direct contacts (and with whom I never communicate directly but are in G+ circles) listed - not all people I have in circles, mind you, just some random collection that can’t be deleted. I even removed one from all circles, and he still appears after a reload.

Then the contacts bug, and a fix which made the situation worse. I don’t know if it relates to using two-factor auth on my Google accounts - I have per-app passwords, so I generated new passwords on both accounts hoping it would change the message above. Nope. So now I am thinking I will uninstall, whack all of the directories and anything else the client leaves behind and try reinstalling fresh to see if that clears things up.

Yes, it is definitely an eM Client thing vs. a Google thing. The native Windows 8 mail client works without an issue, and the native “people” sync is not having a problem, either. It just seems (to me, anyway) that this is a fragile solution. I haven’t had a fix pushed or pulled via Windows update for mail, and yet it continues to work even in the face of changes on Google’s side.

As a software developer myself (on the .NET stack, to boot), I can feel their pain. But as a consumer who was about to put his $49 down to buy a license, I am really glad I didn’t. At the moment, the client software does not work for whatever percentage of the users my configuration represents, but at the end of the day all that really matters is MY email is not working. And I am not willing to put out my money on such a fragile solution.

These are just my opinions, though. If I could get some answers or if something worked, I would feel a lot better (maybe)…

I agree. The big selling point with this software, for me, was its full google sync which most of the other mail/cal programs either cannot do or require crazy workarounds.

Is there any further news about this problem?

The revised version that was sent out works fine for me, with no Google Contacts synching problems.

However, some of my mails which displayed properly in all prior versions show up as blank now. I have not received any news about that. I have sent samples of the mail in question. It’s probably something minor, as these were not a problem before.

Thanks to the eM Client folks for trying to resolve this. I just installed the update above and now have a new error.

NOT fixed.

I also installed the new client, and no longer get an error.
HOWEVER: my contacts are NOT synced back up to GMAIL!

I had cleared out all my contacts (both in GMAIL and emclient).
I reloaded emclient with my vcard backup file.
Synced with GMAIL, no error, but also no contacts in GMAIL webpage!

Anything else I can try?

I now also get the parseError as described by craigstif above.

I edited one contact (added an initial to his name), and when I saved the contact I immediately got this error. Did not even need to press refresh.

Even after I downloaded the EM client update – posted in the link above – I am still having a problem. Sync issues with GData. I’ve reverted to using Chrome or a Chrome variant. I can have my 2 Google accounts open there and with the Checker Plus extension — this setup isn’t half bad.

I use G Apps accounts. Since these are my domains, I could easily move my servers to Microsoft or some other IMAP, Kerio or whatever. I am not married to Google if for some reason they will no longer support clients.

When you really stop and think – this is NOT Em Client’s fault my friends. I’m using the free version of G Apps. They did not allow this after June 2012. Get what you pay for I guess. I’ll bet if I went with the paid version of G Apps – which uses exchange, I wouldn’t be having this problem. Its $50 a year. Office 365 is $60. I may end up doing one and one. One domain on paid G Apps and one on Office 365.

I would disagree, Kevin. I am reasonably sure that Google has not discontinued support for CardDAV, because if they did other tools (like CoBook on my Mac) would have stopped working as well. This is not to say that the eM Client developers are not specifically blocked (for whatever reason) or that there are bugs in how contact sync is currently coded.

I had Office 365 before moving to GApps. I had tons of ActiveSync connectivity problems across all sorts of devices. Plus their spam blocking at the basic account level is pretty much non-existent now, and I wasn’t willing to double my costs per month to get more granularity. So far (about 3 months now) I have been loving GApps.

Another thought just struck me - I wonder if this has something to do with multi-factor authentication. It is possible Google tightened things down, and you need a per-app password for mail while you need the base password for contacts. If that lockdown is in place, then it would stand to reason that we would need something similar for the calendar soon.

Honestly, the contact portion of eM Client isn’t so important to me. I understand that it is to others, but I think the eM in eM Client stands for email.

Therefore I’d like tech to address the DISPLAY PROBLEM so that I can see all of my mail. That is primarily what eM Client is for, if I am not mistaken.

contacts email and calendar are all important to me

Point taken, absolutely. But it really bums me that I have to go back to my 20 year old Eudora client to view 5 or 6 mails every day now.

If e-mail is most important to you — why don’t you just use Gmail in Chrome – its not bad. Also wouldn’t Thunderbird be better than late 1990’s Eudora?

I don’t use Gmail. In fact I don’t use any IMAP account, for the most part. Thunderbird was what I used briefly to replace Eudora, but eM Client is superior on points (or was, until I started getting blank screens where mail should be the other day).

One other point on that, perhaps minor, is that eM Client is still (ostensibly) in development, while T-bird is (ostensibly) not.

Ok – I downloaded the update to Em 6 posted above – and was still having failures. Recently I wanted to delete some contacts in EM and see if those changes synced back to my iPhone, through Google. and yes — that part worked. So it appears for me that contact changes are being made and syncing. There are just some sync failures. In the EM settings I also changed

  • sync on startup
  • changed sync interval from every 10 mins to 15. I guess I will just have to minimize em – leave it running and see if I have the same issues.

Just wanted to give an update – Now I’m starting to see the blank message windows that other people have described. I didn’t see it until I just opened EM Client.

I was reading a message and I get a giant “red envelope” looking thing where the message is supposed to be. It’s a box with a red outline and a red line going through it.

I went a couple days after having the OP’s same issue, now getting this as well. Maybe google fixed their problem and we need to go back to the old one?

Got the same error :frowning:

In my case I do not see blank emails/windows since the update.
However, with one gmail account I do NOT (and did not in previous version) have any problems, I can add a contact in emclient and it syncs normally up to gmail and when I delete it in the web page of gmail, it gets deleted correctly in emclient.

My other gmail account keeps having serious issues.
A newly created contact in web-gmail gets synced fine down to emclient.
ANY edit/delete/create on a contact in emclient results in an immediate “parseError” in emclient and the changes are NOT sent up to gmail. I do not even have to press the refresh button. Subsequent refreshes do not report an error, but also do not bring the changes up to gmail.

Very strange behaviour I would say.